4.5 Leaves of Absence

Amended May 1995

A faculty member can request an unpaid leave of absence for a period of time, normally not to exceed one (1) year, on the basis of either an opportunity for outstanding faculty development or compelling personal reasons. Such a request must be made in writing, approved by the chair, and submitted to the Provost. It should include a statement as to how the leave will be used. The request usually must be made no later than December 1 of the year before the academic year in which the leave is desired and in all cases must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Such leaves fall into two categories: those in service to the College and those requested for personal reasons. The categorization of the leave will in each instance be determined by agreement between the member and the Provost after discussion with the chair of the member's department. Whether the leave will count as time accumulated toward an evaluation for a future appointment may be agreed upon in a similar manner. Members may maintain supplementary benefits at their own expense. Leaves of absence ordinarily entail the obligation to return to the College.

Under exceptional circumstances, a faculty member can request an extension of such an unpaid leave for a period not to exceed a total of two (2) years. The guidelines for the request are the same as stated above, except that the request must be submitted no later than December 1 of the year of the first leave.

Under no circumstance is a faculty member permitted to be away for a period exceeding two (2) consecutive years, including a sabbatical leave.