4.6 Salary Adjustments During Leaves

Faculty members granted a sabbatical leave are issued a formal contract by the College which will specify the annual salary that will be paid during that year. Faculty members granted a year-long leave of absence will receive a formal letter from the President specifying the terms upon which the leave is being taken, particularly whether the leave is considered in service to the College or not, and indicating the salary the member would have received had they not taken the leave. In both cases, the salary adjustment awarded for that year of leave will be based on the member's performance during the previous year as determined by the procedures that the College typically employs in making annual salary adjustments.

For both sabbatical leaves and leaves of absence considered in service to the College, the salary adjustment for the subsequent year, when the member has returned to campus, will be not less than the standard increase for the member's rank. The granting of sabbatical leaves or leaves of absence in service to the College will not affect the faculty member's parity in salary level.