This page includes curated links related to faculty reviews and leaves as well as a list of faculty on leave for the current year.

Junior Leaves

All faculty members planning a junior leave are to schedule a meeting to discuss your junior leave plan with the provost and with your department chair. 

Scheduling these appointments before the start of classes is encouraged if scheduling permits. Please contact Amy Quinlivan to set up a meeting time. If you have questions regarding your junior leave, please contact Jalene Fox.

Faculty Currently on Leave 2020 - 2021

Faculty Member on Sabbatical Department
Balinda Craig-Qujada — spring 2021, fall 2021 Dance, Drama & Film
Adele Davidson English
Andrew Engell Psychology
Claudia Esslinger — fall 2020, spring 2022 Art
Paul Gebhardt MLL/German
PJ Glandon Economics
Craig Hill — spring 2021, fall 2021 Art
Mo Hunsen — spring 2021, fall 2021 Chemistry
Jesse Matz English
Maria Mendonca Music, Anthropology
Micah Myers Classics
Sam Pack Anthropology
Joel Richeimer Philosophy
Clara Román-Odio MLL/Spanish
Tim Shutt — spring only IPHS
Marie Snipes Mathematics
Paula Turner Physics
Stephen Van Holde Political Science, International Studies
Celso Villegas Sociology
Faculty Member, Other Leaves Department
Leah Dickens — spring only Psychology
Anton Dudley — fall only Dance, Drama & Film
Austin Johnson — spring only Sociology
Erin Leatherman — spring only Mathematics
David Malonado Rivera — spring only Religious Studies
Claire Novotny — fall only Anthropology
Austin Porter — fall only Art History, American Studies
Faculty Directing Off-Campus Program Department / Program
*We have no off-campus programs this year