The Provost and Associate Provost Offices are located in Bailey House. Jeff Bowman currently serves as the provost and is assisted by associate provosts Sheryl Hemkin, Wendy Singer and Ted Mason. To help direct your calls to the appropriate staff member, we encourage you to refer to the chart below.

Division of Departments and Programs

Type of activity key: S = Student matter or program; F = Faculty matter; D = Department matter; C = College matter

Activity  Contact 
Type of Activity
Academic Advising Tom Hawks S/F/D
Academic Infractions Board (AIB) Wendy SingerAmy Quinlivan S/F/D
Academic Policy Questions Wendy Singer F
Academic Regulations Sheryl Hemkin, Amy Quinlivan S/F/D
Accounting Rachel Curtis, Jackie Teater F/D/S
Administrative Assistants to Departments Darlene Tedrow, Sheryl Hemkin F/D
Administrative Assistant Duties Darlene Tedrow, Sheryl Hemkin F/D
Affiliated Scholars Amy QuinlivanSheryl Hemkin F/D
BFEC Brown Family Environmental Center (BFEC) Dave Heithaus, Jeff Bowman C
Calendar Committee Ellen Harbourt, Registrar C
Center for Global Engagement (CGE) Marne AusecJeff Bowman C/S
Center for Innovative Pedagogy (CIP) Joseph MurphyJeff Bowman F/D
Chairs' Meetings and Agendas Jalene Fox F/D
Civil Rights Office Samantha Hughes S/F/D/C
Classroom Repair or Replacement Darlene Tedrow F/D
Committee on Academic Standards (CAS) Sheryl Hemkin F/C
Common Hour. schedule an event or room   F/D/S/C
Community Partnerships, Office of Noelle Jordan Alyssa Lawrence  F/D/S/C
Compliance Issues Jeff Bowman F/D/C
Course Evaluations Jalene Fox, Joe Murphy F
Curricular Policy Committee (CPC) Sheryl Hemkin F
Department Budget Issues Jeff Bowman, Jalene FoxDarlene Tedrow F/D
Departmental Outcomes Assessment Amy QuinlivanSheryl Hemkin F/D
Departmental Annual Reports Sheryl HemkinWendy SingerAmy Quinlivan F/D
Disability Grievance Samantha Hughes S/F/D/C
Discriminatory Harassment Samantha Hughes S/F/D/C
Distinguished Service Award Jeff Bowman, Amy Quinlivan F
Dr. Newton Chun Award Faculty Development Committee (FDC), Wendy Busenburg F
Early Graduation Petitions Ellen Harbourt, Registrar S
Endowed Chairs and Endowed Chairs research funds Jalene Fox F/D
Environmental Health and Safety Gary Sweeney, Sheryl Hemkin,
Amy Quinlivan
Dudley Thomas
Equipment funds such as departmental, classroom, office:
— Fine Arts Equipment Fund
— Math Equipment Fund
— Science Equipment Fund
Darlene Tedrow F/D
External Department Evaluation Process Sheryl Hemkin, Wendy Singer,
Amy Quinlivan
Fac Pac and Faculty meetings Jalene Fox F
Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) Wendy Singer F
Faculty Research and Teaching Grants Faculty Development Committee (FDC), Wendy Busenburg F
Faculty Research and Teaching Grants - Reimbursement and Reports Wendy Busenburg F
Faculty Handbook Jeff BowmanJalene Fox F
Final Exam Policy Wendy Singer, Amy Quinlivan F/C
Franklin Miller Awards Jalene Fox C/S
General Education Assessment Amy QuinlivanSheryl Hemkin F/D
Student Postgraduate Scholarships & Fellowships Thomas Hawks, Betsy Billiter S
 GLCA Grants Jeff Bowman, Aaron MillerJalene Fox F
Hiring Workshops Ted Mason, Amy Quinlivan F/D
Honors Examiners Darlene Tedrow F/D
IFDA Individual Faculty Development Accounts Darlene Tedrow F
Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Research on Human Subjects Amy Quinlivan, Sheryl Hemkin F/D/S/C
Kenyon Campus Community Development Fund Access the KCCDF application C
LBIS Helpline  S/F/D/C
Lectureships Howard Grier F, C
Maintenance — event set up, building upkeep Work Order, Darlene Tedrow D/C
Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation Fellowship Ted Mason, Amy Quinlivan F/D
Mentoring Amy QuinlivanSheryl Hemkin,
Wendy Singer
Midwest Faculty Seminar Darlene Tedrow, Jeff Bowman F
Moving Allocations (form) Jalene Fox F
NEH Summer Stipend Faculty Development Committee, Wendy Busenburg F
New Faculty Orientation Sheryl Hemkin, Wendy Singer, Amy Quinlivan F/D
Off-Campus Studies Marne AusecJeff Bowman S, C
Offices: Furnishings, Assignment of Offices, Office Repairs and Replacement, Office Moves Darlene Tedrow F/D
Office of Sponsored Faculty Projects (OSFP) William Billiter, Deedra Sukrungruang F
Personnel Issues Jeff Bowman, Jalene Fox F/D
Provost Website Jalene Fox, Amy Quinlivan C
Recruitment Tenure Track Jeff BowmanJalene Fox F/D
Recruitment Visiting Fellows Amy QuinlivanSheryl Hemkin, Wendy Singer F/D
Registrar Ellen Harbourt C/F/D, S
Repair and Replacement Equipment Requests Darlene Tedrow F/D
Research Funds, Designated Darlene Tedrow F
Reviews and Dossier Preparation Jalene Fox, Wendy Singer F/D
Sabbatical Proposals and Reports Jeff Bowman, Jalene Fox F
Search Expenses Jalene Fox F/D
Senate Maddie Wade C
Start-up Funds Jeff BowmanDarlene Tedrow, , Jalene Fox F
Student Grade Appeals Wendy Singer S
Student Research Support Sheryl Hemkin, Amy Quinlivan S
Summer Legal Studies Program
John W. Adams Summer Scholars
Sheryl Hemkin S
Summer Science Scholars Sheryl Hemkin, Bruce HardyTammy Konkler and Emily Teater S
Summer Scholars (Social Science & Humanities) Sheryl Hemkin, Bruce Hardy, Tammy Konkler and Emily Teater S
Synoptic Majors Amy QuinlivanSheryl Hemkin S
Technology Services HelplineWorkorder form F/D
Tenure and Promotion Committee (TPC) Jalene FoxJeff Bowman F/D
Tenure-track Searches Jalene FoxJeff Bowman F/D
Title IX Samantha Hughes S/F/D/C
Trustee Teaching Excellence Awards Jalene FoxJeff Bowman F
Visiting Searches Sheryl Hemkin, Wendy Singer
Amy Quinlivan
Whiting Awards Jeff BowmanJalene Fox F
Work Orders Maintenance F/D/C
The Writing Center Sheryl Hemkin, Anna Scanlon S/C

Associate Provosts

  Sheryl Hemkin Wendy Singer
Divisions/Departments Humanities, Social Sciences Fine Arts, Natural Sciences
Interdisciplinary Department and Programs

American Studies*
Asian and Middle East Studies*
International Studies*
Islamic Civilizations and Cultures
Latino/a Studies
Law and Society

African Diaspora Studies
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology*
Environmental Studies*
Gender and Sexuality Studies*
Public Policy

*Interdisciplinary departments with majors