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Chris Smith

Director of Health and Counseling Services

Health Center Staff

April Baker

Health Services Staff Nurse

Natalie Dick

Contract Physician

Denise Filler

Administrative Assistant

Eric Hansen

Contract Physician

Jill Parak

Nurse Practitioner

Counseling Center Staff

Holly Baker

Associate Director of Counseling

I believe that every student has inherent worth and each student’s unique background and life experiences shape the approach and goals of counseling.

Bradley Fox

Staff Psychologist

I believe in human persons’ inherent value, purpose/meaning, responsible liberty, and the reality of redemptive suffering.

Jackie Presley

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Singrey

Mental Health Counselor

My role as a counselor is to provide a research based, supportive, caring, client centered environment to support individuals through the journey of healing and emotional growth.

Huynh Son

Mental Health Counselor

I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for clients to process their concerns and experience their emotions.

Johanna Wilson


I believe that wellness can only be achieved through a multi-faceted therapeutic approach in which the patient takes charge of living a balanced life.