At the Cox Health and Counseling Center, we're dedicated to providing compassionate care and empowering students to manage their health (physical and mental) in preparation for life after Kenyon. 

For information regarding COVID-19 preparedness, including updates on the College’s testing protocols and case numbers, visit Kenyon's COVID-19 site.

Access and Appointments

The College includes a health and counseling fee in its comprehensive fees and charges that gives students access to all services provided by the Cox Health and Counseling Center.

To schedule an appointment during business hours, please call 740-427-5525 for health services or 740-427-5643 for counseling service.

Confidentiality and Privacy

All student care and support is confidential (licensed healthcare professionals) and private (staff whose duties do not require a professional license). Student health information will not be shared with any person unless the student has given permission by completing a Release of Information form.

If you are concerned that confidentiality or privacy has been violated, please contact Cox Center Director Chris Smith at 740-427-5415 or

Center Goals

Promote a One Center Philosophy: Providing person centered care, meeting each student where they are, and working with them to concurrently address health and counseling support needs

Support Staff to Best Serve/Support Students: Active dedication to continued professional development to ensure our Center staff have the knowledge, passion, and resources to provide the highest quality of care and support for Kenyon College students

Increase Prevention: Increasing the campus capacity to prevent illness, injury, and crisis through the development of skills, enhancing knowledge of available resources, and growing a campus community commitment to self-care.

Intentional Student Engagement: As the primary user of our services, we want to engage students to have a voice, learn with our professional staff about emerging college health & counseling trends, and take active roles in making Kenyon College a healthier campus community.

Health and Counseling Information for Incoming Students

The Cox Health and Counseling Center is your first stop for your physical and mental health needs. Learn more about health forms, immunizations, prescriptions, health insurance and more.

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