Plan Administrator: The Standard

Kenyon provides disability insurance for benefits eligible employees in the amount of 60% of an employee's monthly compensation in the event of a disability. This benefit is reduced by any amount payable under Social Security and/or Workers' Compensation.

When Participation Begins

Participation begins on your first day of employment if hired on the first of the month.  If hired mid-month, participation begins on the first of the month following your first day of employment.

Receiving Benefits

Should an employee become disabled and apply for the total disability benefit, there is a six-month elimination period before benefits begin. Kenyon will normally continue the employee's salary during the elimination period provided the employee is certified as disabled by the insurance carrier. Benefits cease on the first day of the month in which the total disability terminates or, if earlier, the first day of the month in which the employee reaches the social security normal retirement age. Benefits are not paid for the first six months of continuous total disability.

The policy also continues the employee's and College's contributions to the regular retirement plan as long as the employee is totally disabled. This benefit will be the monthly equivalent of the contributions made by the employee and College. This benefit does not apply to TIAA Supplemental Retirement Annuities.

NOTE: This plan has been described here in a general manner. Your benefits are more fully described in the Summary Plan Document. In case of a conflict or omission, the provisions of the plan document will govern.

Additional Voluntary Coverage

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