Failure to follow the motor vehicle rules and regulations will result in a warning and/or citation. When an infraction has occurred, the registered driver will receive notification of the violation through their Kenyon email account and a hard-copy ticket will be placed on their vehicle. 

Any of the following violations can result in fines, College judicial action or both. In addition to College fines and sanctions, state law or local ordinance violations may be prosecuted separately. Failure of the driver to know the parking regulations will not serve as a defense for any parking violations. Failure to find a legal parking space does not excuse a violation.

Parking violators may receive multiple citations for the same violation on the same day.

Although fines will be applied automatically to student tuition/accounts and appear on the monthly billing invoice, a penalty can also be paid directly at the Accounting Office in Eaton Center, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (closed on the noon hour).

Revised 8/14/23

Types of Violations

Unregistered Vehicle: All vehicles parking on college property must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety.

Failure to Display: All registered vehicles must correctly display a Kenyon College parking permit. Student parking permits must be displayed on the lower right-hand corner of the vehicle's rear windshield or the bumper's right side. All previous years' parking permits must be removed from the vehicle. If a previous year's parking permit is still on the vehicle, a "Failure to Display" violation will be written.

View a table of potential offenses and penalties.

Fire Lanes: Fire lanes must always remain clear. In an emergency, emergency vehicles must have access to an area. Fire lanes may not be marked. All campus building perimeters, streets, alleys, paved lanes, etc., which an emergency vehicle might use to reach a building or campus area, are considered fire lanes.

Handicapped/ADA Parking: Parking in any handicapped area without proper documentation is prohibited.

Restricted Parking: Parking in any area other than your assigned lot constitutes parking in a restricted area. This also includes parking in the faculty/staff parking areas, AVI parking areas, and visitor lots and spaces.  

Failure to Park Properly: Lots are marked with lines to accommodate the maximum number of vehicles. Parking over marked lines constitutes a violation of the section.

Lawn Areas: Violations of this type will not only result in appropriate fines but possible fees for any damage to the lawn area could be assessed.

Improper Storage or Parking of Motorcycles or Mopeds: Storing any motorized vehicle in a residence hall is against fire safety rules and regulations. All motorized vehicles are to be registered and parked in designated areas.

View a table of potential offenses and penalties.

Types of Citations and Consequences

Warnings are given at the discretion of the writing officer and have no fine associated with them. They are, however, included in the tier count for violations and may cause the violation fine to be increased.

Kenyon's parking policy is a zero-tolerance policy. Register and understand where your permit allows you to park, and you will avoid fines for violations.

Fines incurred are the responsibility of the registrant or owner of the vehicle.

View a table of potential offenses and penalties.

Kenyon reserves the right to place immobilization boots on vehicles parked on its property. Violators with a boot on their vehicle will incur a $50 boot removal fee and must be present during the removal process.

Kenyon also reserves the right to have vehicles towed by a professional towing company at the owner's expense. Once a tow company has been contacted, the registrant is responsible for any fees incurred regarding the tow, even if the towing company does not complete the tow.


Appeals are only accepted untilĀ  May 3. All violations received on or after May 1 will automatically be billed to the student account.

Warnings and some offenses cannot be appealed.

More about the Appeals Process

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