The ability to register a vehicle with Kenyon College is a privilege and may be revoked for failure to comply with the rules and regulations outlined below.

2023 - 2024 Student Registration Dates

Vehicle registration for the academic year will occur by class based on how a student is listed in Banner. The following are the dates and times (EST) that registration will open for each class:  

  • Seniors: Wednesday, July 26, at noon EST
  • Juniors: Thursday, July 27, at noon EST
  • Sophomores: Friday, July 28, at noon EST
  • Incoming/First-years: July 31, at noon EST

Register your vehicle online.

Registration and Permit Information

Who Must Register

 All vehicles parked on Kenyon College property must be registered with Campus Safety. 

Applicants must have and maintain a current state registration displayed on the vehicle from the home state of the vehicle titleholder.

Applicants must have, present and maintain a current operator’s license.

Applicant/title holder must assume all vehicle financial responsibility as required by law in the State of Ohio.

Non-U.S. citizens who are not permanent residents must have a non-renewable/non-transferable Ohio driver's license to be allowed to drive in Ohio and other states. 

Registration is available online. DUO two-factor authentication is required; therefore, only the current student or employee can register their vehicle. Registration by proxy is against policy. Permits are not transferable from one person to another.

Once the permit has been processed, an email will be sent to the registrant with instructions to retrieve the permit. Students must remove all previous permits from the vehicle.

Permits may not be borrowed, loaned, transferred, reproduced or altered. Fraudulent permits will not be tolerated and will result in a report to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or Human Resources and the vehicle barred from campus for the remainder of the year.

Any person not adhering to the policies in this document may have their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense without prior notification.

Employee Registration

Employees may register up to two vehicles but will receive one permit. It is expected that they will switch the permit to the vehicle that will be on campus. There is no fee to register, and it is not required annually. At times, Campus Safety will ask for all employees to re-register and receive a new permit.

Student Registration

Student registration is annual. Vehicle registration for the academic year will occur by class and is based on how a student is listed in Banner. Students must register their vehicle before arriving on campus with it. Only one vehicle can be registered per student. Dates that registration becomes available for students are announced on the website no later than June 1. 

Student vehicle registration will be available throughout the academic year unless/until all parking spaces/permits have been exhausted.

A student may not use the permit of any faculty or staff member, including their immediate family, but instead must register the vehicle designated primarily for student use for a student permit.

All student vehicles must be removed from campus at the end of the academic year. Students must remove their vehicle by their withdrawal date if they withdraw. Off-Campus Study students must remove their vehicle from Kenyon property while participating. Failure to remove a vehicle from campus will result in towing. 

Caveat: If a student has been approved to reside on campus for the summer, or a portion of it, they will receive information and instructions from Campus Safety for summer registration (no charge).

Student parking permits for the academic year are valid between the first day the residences open for new students and commencement (see the academic calendar for specific dates).

Only one registered vehicle is permitted per student.

It is against policy for a student to transfer their permit to another student.

Parking permits are $300 for the academic year.

Partial-year permits are available as long as there are spaces available.

Fines incurred on a permitted vehicle are the responsibility of the registrant.

Any vehicle on campus must correctly display a valid permit.

Employee permits are hangtags that hang off the mirror, facing out.

Student permits must be displayed on the back windows lower right-hand side, or the right side of the bumper.

For students, only the permit that is valid for the current academic year can be displayed.

If a permitted student brings a different vehicle to campus, they must immediately contact Campus Safety to receive a temporary parking pass or replacement permit.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary permits are available for non-permitted students and are issued for no more than three (3) days. Temporary permits can only be issued to non-permitted students twice in one semester. 

Circumstances justifying temporary permits for longer than three days would include a substitute vehicle brought to campus while repairs are made on the registered vehicle.

Employees may receive a temporary parking permit as needed.

Visitor Parking

All visitors must correctly display a temporary parking permit processed at the Office of Campus Safety. 

Student visitors must visit Campus Safety with their host and will be given instructions about where they are allowed to park based on their host's residence. Student hosts will be held responsible for any violations their guest receives.

Current students are not visitors and are not permitted to park in any visitor parking. 

Professional hosts should submit a request for a temporary permit for a professional guest.

Vehicles parked in visitor spaces without a temporary permit or with an expired permit are subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense.

Student Guest Registration Form

Professional Guest Registration Form

Disability Parking Permits

Use of marked disability (ADA) spaces require a disability placard. Students and employees must have their placards reviewed by the Cox Health and Counseling Center and will receive a special sticker approving them to park in those spaces on campus.

Lost or damaged permits will be replaced at no cost. Damaged permits must be turned in to Campus Safety when picking up the replacement permit.

Students may request a credit to their student account if their vehicle is no longer on campus. A prorated credit will be placed on the student account. The permit will be revoked and become invalid.

By receiving a permit, the registrant agrees to abide by all the parking rules and regulations in this document.

The registrant agrees to prominently display their permit to assist in enforcing the rules and regulations. The registrant is responsible for all parking citations, regardless of who parked the vehicle during the violation.

Kenyon College assumes no responsibility for damage or loss to a vehicle or its contents while parked on or towed from campus.

Notification of Regulatory Changes

Notification of any changes will be provided in writing by an update to this webpage and/or by email to students and employees. 

Phone Number
Email Address
Office of Campus Safety
Gund Commons, 2nd Floor
101 E. Brooklyn St.
Gambier, Ohio 43022