Kenyon College's campus layout is intended to foster the concept of a walking campus. Under most conditions, even the more remote areas of the campus can be reached on foot within 10 minutes. Kenyon has a limited number of available parking spaces, and all parking rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Students should understand that bringing a vehicle to campus is a privilege. 

Parking and moving violations on campus are enforced by the Campus Safety Officers. The Knox County Sheriff's Office patrols the Village of Gambier and enforces state and local ordinances in the village and surrounding area.

The purpose of the information below is to familiarize you with the College’s motor vehicle rules, and regulations. To receive a permit, all students must agree that they have read and understood the information below. Please contact the Office of Campus Safety with any questions or concerns.

Vehicle Security

All vehicles brought to Kenyon College: cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks, vans, motorcycles, etc., are susceptible to theft and or vandalism. Parking lots are lighted and patrolled by the Safety Officers but the following are suggestions to keep persons and property as safe as is reasonably possible.

  • Make sure your vehicle is secured: doors locked, windows rolled up, alarm activated (if applicable).
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. This includes electronics, jewelry, money, or any item of value to you.
  • Have your vehicle registered with Campus Safety.
  • If coming from or going to your vehicle late in the evening, do not walk alone, walk with a friend, or call the Campus Safety Office at 740-427-5221 for an escort.

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Parking Lots and Assignments

Parking spaces at Kenyon College are at a premium. For there to be adequate parking for those associated with the college, everyone must adhere to the rules and regulations and only park in the lot their permit states. Vehicles parked along village streets are subject to the laws and ordinances of the Village of Gambier and the State of Ohio

Visitor Permits

Temporary parking permits are required for visitors to park on campus. These are offered at no cost to the visitor at the Office of Campus Safety. For student guests, the individual requesting the permit must be accompanied by their host. For academic guests, please complete the Professional Guest Parking Permit form. Note: Visitors are bound by the same rules and regulations as students, faculty, staff, and others on the Kenyon campus. The host is liable for any violations and resulting fines incurred by the visitor.

Student Parking

Students must register their vehicle with the college and may only park their vehicles in the student lots for which their parking permit allows, including during breaks.  The student charge for parking registration is a one-time/per academic year fee of $200. This fee is charged regardless of the location of the assignment. It is applied to the student/tuition account.

This map outlines the student lots, available ADA parking, faculty and staff parking, and areas set aside for visitor parking. Fire Lanes are unacceptable for parking. If, at any time, you are unsure, contact the Office of Campus Safety at 740-427-5221.

All lots have minimal student spaces available. When completing the online registration, only lots that have available spaces will show as an option. Once the allocated permits for a lot have been exhausted, parking registration will not be an eligible option.  If all lots are full, the online registration portal will not be available and we cannot accept any additional vehicles on campus. 

  • New Apartments
  • Watson
  • Lewis Lot (starting 10/03/22 - student and visitor lot - must have a permit)
  • Acland Apartments (must be a resident of Acland Apartments)
  • Morgan Apartments (must be a resident of Morgan Apartments)
  • South 1 
  • South 2
  • South 3 
  • House  Crozier and Duff

Faculty/Staff Parking Lots

Faculty/staff parking includes but is not limited to Sparrow House, Allen House, Eaton Center, Farr Hall, Scott Lane, Palme/Ralston, Science Quad, Peirce, Ascension, and Horwitz lots.

Monday through Friday between the hours of 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. only, students with registered decals are permitted to park in most faculty/staff lots, exceptions are listed below.  On the weekends, students with registered decals are permitted to park in most faculty/staff lots, exceptions are listed below, but must have their vehicle back in their assigned lot by 2 a.m. (Sunday evening) This includes during breaks. All other times are designated for faculty/staff only. *Students are not visitors and are not approved to park in any visitor spaces. 

The Lowry Center lot is not eligible for overnight parking and/or game days.

The following lots are not approved for student parking, regardless of day or time of day: Woollam House, Allen House, Sparrow House, Farr Hall, Church Circle

West Quad Parking

The West Quad Parking Garage opened July 27, 2022, featuring 261 spaces available for use by faculty and staff, and visitors to campus.

Reserved Spaces
Included in the garage are designated spaces for:

  • Low-emission vehicles (14 spaces)
  • High-occupancy vehicles (14 spaces)
  • Electric vehicles with charging stations (6 spaces)
  • Maintenance vehicles (3 spaces)
  • LBIS vehicles (2 spaces)

The Office of Admissions will use signage on the upper level to adjust the number of reserved visitor spaces as needed.

Accessing the Parking Garage
To access the garage, follow the signs posted at the intersection of Wiggin Street and College Drive. The garage entrance clearance is 8 feet 4 inches. The parking garage provides direct access to Chalmers Library, Lowell House, and Oden Hall. After hours, garage access is available via the Chalmers Library west entrance.

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Motorcycles and Mopeds

Due to the lack of appropriate storage facilities on campus, students are strongly urged not to bring these types of vehicles to campus. These vehicles will be registered with and permitted by the college if the student brings them to Kenyon. Under no circumstances, may a motorized vehicle be stored in a residential facility.  

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Loading and Unloading

When moving in at the start of the academic year or moving out at the close of the year, ample time is allocated for this process to unload or load a vehicle (usually 15-20 minutes). During the academic year, if loading or unloading a vehicle in a restricted area is needed, it is required to contact Campus Safety before parking the vehicle in a restricted area. At this time permission may be granted for a period not to exceed 15 minutes and the vehicle hazard lights must be used during the approved time. Vehicles parked in these areas under any other circumstances may be ticketed. Under no circumstances may vehicles be left unattended in a fire lane. A disabled vehicle in a fire lane will be towed at the owner's expense immediately.

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Traffic Crashes

The Office of Campus Safety at Kenyon College will render assistance in the event of a motor vehicle crash. All crashes regardless of the severity must be reported to Campus Safety. In most cases, a law enforcement report will be required for insurance and other purposes. Campus Safety will contact the Office of the Knox County Sheriff when the need arises.

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