Kenyon College's campus layout fosters the concept of a walking campus. Even the most remote areas of the campus can be reached on foot within 15 minutes. Kenyon has limited parking spaces, and all parking rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Students should understand that bringing a vehicle to campus is a privilege.  

The Campus Safety Office manages vehicle registration and enforces parking violations on campus. The Knox County Sheriff's Office patrols the Village of Gambier and enforces state and local ordinances in the village and surrounding area.

Please familiarize yourself with the College’s parking rules and regulations. Receiving a permit indicates that the registrant is aware of all rules and regulations. Contact the Office of Campus Safety with any questions or concerns. We would always prefer to clarify parking rules versus writing a parking ticket.


Motorists must yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians in crosswalks on campus.  

Traffic Hazards

Vehicles should not be operated in any manner that constitutes a traffic hazard or impedes the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Parking Permits

Learn more about the types of permits issued, how to register a vehicle, when registration opens for students, and how to request a replacement permit and registrant responsibilities.

Parking Permits

Designated Parking Spaces

Learn more about designated parking lots for students, faculty/staff and visitors, loading zones and reserved/special event parking.

Where to Park on Campus

Vehicle-related Accidents

Learn how to report accidents and request accident reports.

Reporting Accidents

Violations and Fines

Learn more about the types of violations, potential warnings, citations and fines, and the appeals process.

Violations and Fines

Additional Parking Information

Learn more about vehicle security, other motorized vehicles, including electric vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, and disabled vehicles.

Additional Information

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Phone Number
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Office of Campus Safety
Gund Commons, 2nd Floor
101 E. Brooklyn St.
Gambier, Ohio 43022