Designated Parking

Upon registration, students can choose the available student lot that has permits/spaces available. If a lot does not show as available during registration, that lot has been sold out. Students may not park in any student lot other than their assigned lot.

Employees should use Kenyon's faculty/staff lots and refrain from parking in a student parking lot unless their job description requires it.

Vehicles parked along village streets are subject to the laws and ordinances of the Village of Gambier and the State of Ohio.

Refer to the information below or this quick-view table to determine where you can park on campus.

Student Lots

The following lots are student lots, and only the student with the permit is approved to park in that lot:

  • New Apartments Lot
  • Watson Lot
  • Norton Lot
  • Lewis Lot
  • Acland Apartments (must be a resident to register)
  • Morgan Apartments (must be a resident to register)
  • South 1
  • South 2
  • South 3
  • Crozier, Duff and Thomas Houses (must be a resident)

Faculty/Staff Lots

The following lots are reserved for faculty and staff only, regardless of day or time of day (including during breaks):

  • Woollam House
  • Allen House (Acland Street)
  • Sparrow House
  • Gund Commons
  • Farr Hall

The following surface lots are reserved for faculty and staff Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (including during breaks).  Note: Regardless of time, Monday - Friday, students are not allowed to park in spaces labeled "visitor.":

  • Eaton North
  • Eaton South 
  • Scott Lane (south side)
  • Palme Lot
  • Science Lot
  • Horvitz Lot
  • Horwitz Lot
  • Peirce Hall
  • Ascension Hall
  • College-Park Street/Peirce Hall Pavement
  • Maintenance Facilities Lots
  • Brown Family Environmental Center (BFEC) Lot

Visitor Lots

The following lots have spaces reserved for Visitors and require a temporary permit from Campus Safety:

  • Brown Family Environmental Center (BFEC)
  • Chapel Circle
  • Norton Lot
  • Peirce North Lot
  • Peirce Pavement/College-Park Street
  • West Quad Parking Parking Garage (Level 1)

West Quad Garage

The West Quad Garage is reserved for faculty, staff and visitors only, Monday at 6 a.m. through Friday at 6:30 p.m. Students with registered vehicles may park in the garage, except Level 1, anytime between Friday at 6:30 p.m. through Monday at 6 a.m. Restrictions include breaks. 

No vehicles in an unsafe condition are allowed to be parked in the garage. This includes but is not limited to flat tires, broken windows, leaking fluids, vehicles incapable of being operated or vehicles without appropriate current registration and identification.

  • No storage of vehicles is allowed.
  • No repairs of vehicles are allowed.
  • No open flames are permitted within the garage.

Athletic Lots

The Lowry Center lot is intended for athletic staff, facility users, and event spectators.  Students with registered vehicles can park in this lot during open hours except on game days.  No overnight parking is allowed.

Other athletic lots intended for event parking include McBride Lot, Jasper Tennis Center, Mavec Field and McCloskey Field. 

No Parking Areas

No parking areas include but are not limited to: 

  • Sidewalks, lawns, grassy areas 
  • Within 20 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Marked fire lanes
  • North Campus Apartments lanes/pathways
  • Parking outside designated lines of spaces

The Lowry Center lot is also not eligible for overnight parking.

Additional Parking Restrictions

Loading zones are signed, limited to 15 minutes and vehicle flashers/hazards must be on for the duration. These zones are intended for actual loading and unloading only. This policy is strictly enforced, and these spaces are reserved 24 hours daily for loading/unloading purposes.

There are other spaces reserved for various reasons throughout campus. The reserved spaces can be in any lot/area and any space. Students and employees must avoid parking in those spaces unless they’ve received permission from the Office of Campus Safety.

Specific areas or lots may be reserved for special events. No student or employee shall move barricades or cones to access these areas/lots.

If a special event requires many spaces for parking, the responsible department should contact Campus Safety at least two weeks in advance for assistance.

Phone Number
Email Address
Office of Campus Safety
Gund Commons, 2nd Floor
101 E. Brooklyn St.
Gambier, Ohio 43022