Bicycles must be registered when brought to campus. To register your bike, complete the Bicycle Registration Form. There is no charge for registering your bicycle. The registration will be valid until graduation or leaving the College. 

When registration is completed, please come to Campus Safety to retrieve a decal. The decal must be affixed to the center post of the bicycle frame. Students are encouraged to bring locks for their bikes and to have bikes insured in case of damage, loss or theft. It is important to read Kenyon College's Bicycle Regulations and Ohio Department of Transportation's Cycling Smarter Guide

Bicycles must be stored in the shelters/bike racks provided or in students' rooms. Bikes are not allowed in hallways, stairwells, residence-hall storage areas. Bicycles found in violation of regulations will be impounded by Campus Safety and you will need to provide proof of ownership to claim it.

On the Monday following Commencement, all bikes must be removed from campus. All bicycles left on campus after that date will be considered abandoned and will be confiscated by the College. Confiscated bikes will be donated, sold or discarded.  


1. Complete a Preliminary Bicycle Theft Report.
2. Be on the lookout for your bicycle. If you locate it, send an email to


Rules for the operation of bicycles on campus coincide with the regulations of the state of Ohio.

  • By law, a bicycle is a vehicle. Bicyclists are responsible for obeying all traffic laws.
  • Cyclists must stop at stop signs and red lights.
  • Cyclists must go with the flow of traffic.
  • Adult cyclists cannot ride on sidewalks or on Middle Path.
  • Cyclists can signal turns by simply pointing in the direction they want to go.
  • Passing on the right is no more legal for bikes than it is for motor vehicles. Legally, you can only pass motor vehicles on the right when there is room for another line of traffic or when the vehicle in front of you is turning left.
  • Cyclists must ride as close as possible to the right side of the roadway, except:
    • You can ride far enough to the left to avoid a hazard (like a drain grate, a parked vehicle door, right turning vehicles or debris).
    • You can ride in the middle of the lane if you are going the speed of traffic OR if the lane is too narrow to safely share.
    • You can move left to make a left-hand turn.
  • If riding your bike between sunset and sunrise, see these requirements


There is a wonderful 14-mile bike path that winds through Knox County, going through the Gambier area. Please feel free to check it out at: Kokosing Gap Trail