Kenyon College provides college-owned vehicles ("fleet") for use by both student organizations and faculty and staff members.  Kenyon also has college fleet drivers to provide transport to and from the airport for Kenyon College sponsored guests.

Please note:  Fleet vehicles are available for College-related business and activities only.  Note that fleet reservation requests are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A fleet reservation request does not guarantee a booking.  If you have any questions, please contact the transportation coordinator during administrative hours at 740-427-5227 or by email at

Only certified employees and students are permitted to drive College vehicles, see regulations here: Driver Certification.

Kenyon Fleet Vehicle Reservation Request Form

We recommend that faculty, staff and recognized or approved students request the vehicle at least seven (7) days before the vehicle is needed.  If multiple vehicles are needed for a trip, the form must be completed for each vehicle requested.

Confirmations will be emailed to the original requestor as soon as a vehicle has been scheduled.

Kenyon-sponsored van trips that involve round-trip mileage of 400 or more miles require special guidelines be met.  Please email to request the guidelines.

Please note:  If students will be passengers in any College fleet vehicle, a Travel Roster/Liability Form is required.  The form must be turned in by the certified driver signing out the vehicle and is available at Campus Safety, Student Activities, and can be downloaded here.

Columbus Airport Shuttle Service Requests

*Due to Covid-19, Kenyon is not offering airport shuttle service at this time*

Requests should be made seven (7) business days before the travel date. 

Flights arriving after 10 p.m. or departing before 8:30 a.m. will not be able to be scheduled.  Please see the "Shuttle Information" link available below for other shuttle options.  

To confirm a shuttle has been scheduled please see the Transportation Log, available in the Google Drive.