Only authorized employees and students are permitted to drive College vehicles. If vehicles are rented for Kenyon business/travel, the driver must complete the Kenyon Authorized Driver process.

If an individual needs to become a Kenyon Authorized Driver they must: 

  1. Send a color photo or scan of the front of their driver's license to Note: An updated license must be provided to when a license expires for continued Kenyon Authorized Driver status.
  2. If the individual is a student, they must provide their official MVR (driving record) from the state that holds their driver’s license and submit it to at least two weeks before the student is to drive a College vehicle. An updated MVR is required for each academic year a student wishes to drive for college-approved travel.
  3. Once the above steps are completed, an email will be sent with the link to the “standard” driver course. Once the course has been completed, the individual will send their certificate of completion to The coordinator will respond with approval to drive College vehicles that are 7-passenger (or less)
  4. If a “standard” Kenyon Authorized Driver is 21 years of age or older and needs to become 12-passenger authorized, they email to start the required steps.

Only Fleet vehicles are fully insured by the College in the event of accidents and the use of personal vehicles for College trips is strongly inadvisable. However, personal use of vehicles can be viewed as a "volunteer" status when the owner is reimbursed for mileage. This must be agreed upon with the volunteer owner and documented by email in advance of travel. Then, in the case of an accident, the owner's insurance is still primary (first layer of coverage), but the college's insurance will provide excess coverage when personal coverage is exhausted.