The LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee aids in fostering Kenyon culture by identifying areas of importance in policy and practice, developing programming, and both highlighting and creating resources that support the LGBTQ+ community across campus.

The Purpose of the Committee

The charge of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee is to:

  1. Make recommendations to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion about priorities related to LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff, and fellows that are actively part of the Kenyon culture;
  2. Identify concerns, resources, programmatic needs of the Kenyon College community;
  3. Collaborate with departments across Kenyon College campus to develop a shared community and responsibility for action, equity and inclusion;
  4. Assist with the review of applications to the Student LGBTQ+ Diversity Fund, when needed.

Members of the Committee

The LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee for the 2023-2024 academic year will be chaired by René Guo, assistant director of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The committee includes the following faculty/staff members: Kennedy Bell (ODEI), Lynn Hampton (ODEI), Howard Grier (Office of Campus Events), Heather Petersen (admissions), Ted Mason (English and Office of the Provost), Jesse Matz (English), Kevin Peterson (civil rights), Sam Turner (Office of Campus Events), and Elizabeth Weinstein (communications).

Bring a Concern to the Committee

One of the charges for this committee is identifying the concerns and needs of the Kenyon LGBTQ+ community, and we understand that students, faculty and staff may wish to relay information to the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee. If you have a concern that you’d like the committee to know about, please contact Rhea Debussy, associate director of diversity, equity, and inclusion.