In addition to the Safe Space Training Program, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offers a number of customized training opportunities for faculty and departments at Kenyon. Potential training sessions and workshops include some of the following topics: incorporating queer topics into your curriculum, learning how to best support your transgender students and more.

If you’re a faculty or staff member in need of fundamental resources to better support our campus’ LGBTQ+ community, please refer to the LGBTQ+ Terminology and Tips page. You can also reach out to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion via email or phone.

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Your Pronouns and Kenyon Email Signature

In an effort to create more inclusive campus climate for our transgender and non-binary students, colleagues, and community partners, faculty and staff are encouraged to add their pronouns to their official Kenyon College email signature.

Recently, the Office of Communications has provided updated guidance about the formatting for official email signatures, and this updated guidance includes information about adding your pronouns. To review the latest step-by-step instructions, view the “Visual Identity System” webpage from the Office of Communications.

Additionally, faculty and staff are also encouraged to add their pronouns to their business cards and letterhead, if applicable, and that information is also available in the link above.

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group

In late spring 2020, the ODEI launched a new LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, which is a space for LGBTQ+ employees of Kenyon College to find social and professional support. This new group is open to any LGBTQ+ or questioning faculty or staff member, who is employed in a full, part-time, or temporary role with Kenyon College. (Please note that student employees are not eligible to join the group; however, they are invited to explore the numerous LGBTQ+ student groups on campus.)

During the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years, meetings were largely virtual to accommodate for everyone’s COVID-related adjustments to the work environment. Information about forthcoming meeting dates and formats (i.e. in-person, hybrid, or virtual) for the 2022-2023 academic year will be based upon the needs/comfortability of the group’s membership and the latest public health guidance.

Summer 2022 Update: Currently, this group is on a temporary hiatus, and updates about resuming the group will be shared once the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is fully staffed.


LGBTQ+ Healthcare Coverage for Employees

Federal law requires Affordable Care Act compliant (ACA-compliant) health insurance plans to offer a minimum level of coverage related to sexual health and gender identity related needs, amongst other areas. At Kenyon, our employee health insurance plans exceed the federally required minimum level of coverage. 

Below, you can learn more about some aspects of our employee health insurance plans, and for additional questions, please reach out to the Office of Human Resources with any questions or concerns.

The employee health insurance plan provides coverage for various forms of HIV prevention, including both pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). For each of these forms of HIV prevention, the employee health insurance plan covers multiple medications, including Truvada, Descovy, and others. Additionally, HIV testing is also, of course, covered under the employee health insurance plan.

Important Update About HIV Prevention Medications: In summer 2021, the federal government announced that nearly all health insurers across the country must provide 1) coverage for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with no cost sharing and 2) coverage for related clinical visits and laboratory tests on a quarterly basis with no cost sharing. Insurers were granted 60 days from July 19, 2021 to comply with the new mandate. For informational updates related to coverage under your specific health insurance plan, reach out to the plan administrator, via the phone number on your insurance card, directly.

The employee health insurance plan provides coverage for a wide variety of medications, which may be prescribed to people living with HIV. While an anti-retroviral therapy (ART) regimen will vary depending upon each individual person’s medical needs, the employee health insurance plan offers numerous options to support the health of people living with HIV.

The employee health insurance provides coverage for transition-related hormone replacement therapy, via a variety of methods (i.e. pills, patches, balms, and injections). Additionally, related laboratory work is also, of course, covered under the employee health insurance plan.

Unlike many health insurance plans, our employee health insurance plan also covers a number of gender-affirmation surgeries for the treatment of gender dysphoria. Specifically, the employee health insurance plan covers nearly 20 different surgical procedures, including 1) various bottom surgeries for both trans-masculine and trans-feminine people and 2) top surgery for trans-masculine people.

As noted above, the employee health insurance plan provides coverage for a variety of hormone-related healthcare needs, which some intersex people may also have. Additionally, some intersex people may also need various bottom and/or top surgeries, and these, as noted above, may be covered, depending upon a specific diagnosis from your medical provider. Additionally, the employee health insurance plan — unlike many health insurance plans — also provides coverage for karyotyping (i.e. chromosomal analysis), when deemed clinically necessary.

Resources for Transgender and Non-Binary Employees

In addition to general LGBTQ+ resources, Kenyon College also has a number of ways to specifically support the inclusion and success of transgender and non-binary employees. In the “Trans at Kenyon'' section of the ODEI’s LGBTQ+ Community pages, employees can also access information to ensure that they are well supported in a variety of areas of campus life.

For instance, that page retains information about how all members of the campus community, including faculty and staff members, can update their names, pronouns, photos, and/or gender markers in a variety of college systems (i.e. Banner, Gmail, Moodle, etc.). 

While this “Faculty and Staff Resources” page retains information specific to the Kenyon College employee health insurance plan, the “Trans at Kenyon” page also has a number of other useful resources for transgender and non-binary employees, including some of the following: community-based mental health resources; information about off-campus medical providers; information about safer binding, tucking, and vocalization; and much more.

And finally, transgender and non-binary employees are also welcome to contact the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for additional information and/or resources to support their success across all areas of campus life.

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