If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community — or if you're interested in LGBTQ+ issues — you'll discover an active, diverse, and above all welcoming LGBTQ+ community at Kenyon. It includes not only students but also professors and administrators.

At Kenyon, our LGBTQ+ community supports one another, and we seek to form a strong and generous support system, while providing resources to help our queer and transgender students thrive. All are welcome to join in the process of celebrating and sharing our commitment to LGBTQ+ student support and inclusion.

Terminology, definitions and meaning for people change overtime, and this list should be merely a guide toward understanding and not the sole basis of acquiring the knowledge that encompasses a LGBTQ+ diverse community. Each person or community may have their own meanings and/or different terminology. We encourage you to ask first and do not let definitions to generalize an individual or population.

Learn more about LGBTQ+ terminology.

Download the Kenyon Pride LGBTQ+ Terminology PDF.

Permanent LGBTQ+ Courses

The following are permanent courses that have an explicit focus on LGBTQ+ or queer issues.

AMST 102D: United States History, 1865-Present

ENGL 214: Gender Benders

ENGL 389: Gender and Sexuality in Native American Literature

FILM 291: Queer Cinema

FREN 365: Francophone Graphic Novels and Films

GERM 366: Cinema and Sexuality in German Film After 1990

HIST 102D: United States History, 1865-Present

SOCY 491: Transgender Sociology

SPAN 340: Latin American Cinema

SPAN 369: Queering Spanish American Literature and Film

WGS 121: Intro to Queer Studies

Other Courses

In addition to having numerous classes with a specific and explicit focus on the LGBTQ+ community, a number of our classes also discuss gender and sexuality in a more holistic way. We also offer special topics courses that have a specific focus on queer and/or transgender issues. The following represent some of these courses, which have been recently offered.

ANTH 350: Human Sexuality and Culture

ENGL 212: Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL 280: American Literary Modernism

ENGL 284: Demons, Great Whites and Aliens

ENGL 358: Victorian Ghosts

DRAM 291: LGBTQ Theater History

PHIL 308: Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy

PSYC 328: Latino Psychology

SOCY 250: Systems of Stratification

SOCY 421: Gender Stratification

WGS 111: Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies

WGS 150: Gender and Popular Culture

WGS 232: Topics in Masculinity

Upcoming LGBTQ+ Courses

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has been actively working with academic departments to increase the queer and transgender course offerings on campus. Through continued conversations with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, we are proud to share that Kenyon will have a new, permanent queer studies course, WGS 121: Intro to Queer Studies, in the fall 2019 semester.

More information about this and other potential upcoming courses will be shared here as it becomes available

What LGBTQ+ courses do you want?

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is invested in supporting all aspects of our queer and transgender students’ lives at Kenyon College. The ODEI is actively performing outreach to faculty who are interested in incorporating more LGBTQ+ topics into their curriculum.

If you don’t see a LGBTQ+ course that you find interesting, please let us what type of class you’d like to see offered in the future. You can do this by arranging a meeting with ODEI Associate Director Timothy Bussey who will communicate with the relevant department.

Ace Space and Aro Place (ASAP)

ASAP's mission is to create a safe space for people on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum. ASAP also seeks to provide educational resources about the ace/aro community for both the campus and the broader community and to advocate for the inclusion of asexual and aromantic perspectives on relevant issues. Get in touch at asapkenyon@gmail.com

Athletes for Equality

Athletes for Equality is a student-run organization seeking to foster community and promote an awareness of the various issues affecting LGBTQ student-athletes. Get in touch at AthletesforEquality@kenyon.edu.

Kenyon GALA

The College's Gay and Lesbian Alumni (GALA) group belongs to a national organization of lesbian and gay alumni groups across the country. Many GALA members take a friendly, supportive interest in LGBTQ+ issues on campus. Get in touch at gala@kenyon.edu.


Kenyon’s oSTEM chapter is an affiliate of the national organization, and this organization seeks to highlight people of diverse genders and sexualities in STEM fields. Get in touch at oSTEM@kenyon.edu.


Qdubs is an anonymous and confidential group that fosters community and support among its members. Membership is open to any student who is "not cis, not straight, or not sure" seeking queer community at Kenyon. Get in touch at qdubs@kenyon.edu.

Queer Masculinities Society

Queer Masculinities Society is an anonymous group established for members of the LGBTQ+ Kenyon community (and students who are curious). QMS seeks to build community through events and weekly meetings, and membership is open to all students. Get in touch at qms@kenyon.edu.

Trans Group Kenyon

Trans Group Kenyon is an anonymous and confidential group fostering community and support for students on campus who are not cis. Membership is open to trans students, gender non-conforming students, and students who are questioning their gender identities. Get in touch at transkenyon@gmail.com.

Unity House

Open 24 hours a day, every day. During the academic year, Unity House provides a safe, supportive space for the LGBTQ+ community while reaching out to the campus at large. Student managers oversee Unity House, and a widely representative programming board organizes activities to build awareness, promote equality and well-being, and have fun. Get in touch at GLBTQ@kenyon.edu.

Learn more about scholarships and application support.

National Scholarships include: Better Brothers LA, Gay Asian Pacific Islander Foundation, LEAGUE Foundation, National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, The Point Foundation, PFLAG, Stonewall Community Foundation

Regional Scholarships include: LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland, PFLAG of Greater Cincinnati

The charge of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee is to:

1. Make recommendations to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion about priorities related to LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff, and fellows that are actively part of the Kenyon culture;

2. Identify concerns, resources, programmatic needs of the Kenyon College community;

3. Collaborate with departments across Kenyon College campus to develop a shared community and responsibility for action, equity and inclusion;

4. Assist with the review of applications to the Student LGBTQ+ Diversity Fund, when needed.

Members of the Committee

The LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee for the 2020-21 academic year will be chaired by Timothy Bussey, associate director of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The committee includes the following faculty/staff members: Jacky Neri Arias (ODEI), Scott Baker (Alumni and Parent Engagement), Jeff Bowman (History and Office of the Provost), Abbie Erler (WGS and Political Science), Samantha Hughes (Civil Rights), Austin Johnson (Sociology), Chris Kennerly (ODEI), Ted Mason (English and Office of the Provost), Jesse Matz (English), Erin O’Neill (Athletics), Ann Palcisco (Institutional Research), Brandon Warga (LBIS), and Julia Warga (LBIS).

New members for this academic year are as follows: Heather Petersen (Bookstore), Sam Turner (CGE), and Elizabeth Weinstein (Communications).

Student members from the following organizations will also serve: the Crozier Center for Women, Unity House, QDubs, QMS, Trans Group, ASAP, oSTEM and more.

Members of the Trans Subcommittee

The Trans Subcommittee for the 2020-21 academic year will be chaired by Timothy Bussey, associate director of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Bring a Concern to the Committee

One of the charges for this committee is identifying the concerns and needs of the Kenyon LGBTQ+ community, and we understand that students, faculty and staff may wish to relay information to the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee. If you have a concern that you’d like the committee to know about, please contact Timothy Bussey, associate director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, at bussey1@kenyon.edu.

The Kenyon Pride: Safe Space Ally Training Program includes a 4-session sequence, and the sessions are offered both concurrently over two days and one-by-one throughout various points each semester. The purpose of having multiple options for delivery times helps to ensure the training is accessible for a variety of schedules.

Learn more about the Kenyon Pride program.

Download the program's terminology PDF.

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