• active minds

    Active Minds

    Active Minds is the Kenyon chapter of a nationwide organization that promotes mental health for young adults. Contact us at activeminds@kenyon.edu.

  • Cheerleading Team

    The Cheerleading Team performs cheers and chants on the sideline during games. We promote school spirit and enhance game day atmosphere for spectators and athletes while building a positive and enthusiastic cheer community. Contact us at cheerleadingteam@kenyon.edu.

  • Chess Club

    Chess Club is for chess players of all skill levels. We mostly play, but we also have tutorials and theory for those interested. Contact us at chess.club@kenyon.edu.

  • Club Soccer

    Club Soccer provides an opportunity to participate in a more regular and structured format than intramural sports without having the commitment or rigor of a varsity atmosphere. In addition to regular practices and intercollegiate competitions, we provide education about the beautiful game of soccer. Contact us at clubsoccer@kenyon.edu.

  • Club Swim

    We provide swimming workouts, social functions, education, and other activities associated with swimming for Kenyon students. Contact us at kcclubswim@kenyon.edu.

  • Equestrian Team

    The Equestrian Team welcomes everyone regardless of riding experience or ability. We are registered with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and attend 6-8 shows per year. All members take weekly lessons and help with fundraisers and activities that we host for the campus and local community. Contact us at kc.equestrian@kenyon.edu.

  • Fiber Arts

    The Kenyon Fiber Arts Club teaches students how to knit while providing a space to work on other fiber crafts such as crocheting, embroidery, etc. We also donate products such as hats, scarves and mittens to local women’s shelters. Contact us at fiberarts@kenyon.edu.

  • Minority Athletes at Kenyon

    Minority Athletes at Kenyon (MAK) fosters conversation about race while working toward a more inclusive and diverse athletics environment. Contact us at mak@kenyon.edu.

  • Outdoors Club

    Outdoors Club provides an opportunity for students to experience the natural world on campus and on backpacking trips around the U.S., including a week-long trip over spring break. Students can learn the basics of camping, including tent building, cooking and outdoor safety in an organized and more affordable setting. Contact us at outdoors.club@kenyon.edu.

  • Men's Rugby

    The Men’s Rugby Football Club introduces students to rugby and builds a brotherhood. While a professional attitude and serious work ethic are important, we welcome all students regardless of ability. Contact us at mensrugby@kenyon.edu.

  • Men's Ultimate Frisbee

    The Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club develops ultimate frisbee skills and knowledge of the game. We build strong bonds and provide a great network of friends along with a good workout. Contact us at ultimate.frisbee@kenyon.edu.

  • Social Board

    Social Board is dedicated to making Kenyon "more social, less bored." We plan, promote and produce entertaining events for students. We also help members to develop personal, professional and leadership skills by empowering them to be active campus life contributors. Contact us at socialboard@kenyon.edu.

  • KSAS

    Sports Analytics Society

    KSAS is for students passionate about sports and statistics who want to further their knowledge about statistical analysis in sports, advanced analytics, and other ways that statistics and sports continue to intersect in the "Moneyball Era." Contact us at sportsanalytics@kenyon.edu.

  • Squash Club

    The Squash Club represents Kenyon in squash competitions at the intercollegiate level and  promotes a life-long love of squash. Contact us at squash.club@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon Tabletop Club

    Kenyon Tabletop Club offers a space for students to play board games, participate in murder mysteries and enjoy role-playing games. We meet every two weeks for a board game night, and put on two murder mysteries per semester. We also have a board game collection for students to borrow. Contact us at tabletop@kenyon.edu.

  • Women's Rugby

    The Women’s Rugby Club emphasizes the friendship and camaraderie cultivated by participation in a sport. We encourage an interested and competitive athletic attitude and play competitively with other local colleges and universities. Contact us at womensrugby@kenyon.edu.

  • Blu-Ray Ultimate Frisbee

    Blu-Ray Ultimate Frisbee is a strong group of women who love sports but don't love the extreme intensity of varsity sports. We provide an opportunity for women to become part of a group that is not only athletic but also guiding off the field. Contact us at blurayultimate@kenyon.edu.