• ashes


    Active Students Helping the Earth Survive is a political activism group. Contact us at ashes@kenyon.edu.

  • Athletes for Equality

    Athletes for Equality promotes an accepting and welcoming environment for all student-athletes and offers education on the presence of LGBTQ+ athletes. We strive to further equality and diversity within athletics. We hold events including discussions and watch parties, host speakers and fundraise for LGBTQ+ organizations. Contact us at athletesforequality@kenyon.edu.

  • Bridge Kenyon

    BridgeKenyon is a political organization that creates spaces for discussion and debate on campus. We host weekly meetings to engage with diverse political viewpoints, discuss politics on campus and learn good practices of debate, and we also host public events. Contact us at bridgekenyon@kenyon.edu.

  • Campus Senate

    Campus Senate includes faculty, staff and elected student representatives. It’s a forum in which students, faculty, and staff communicate and consider matters of general concern to the College. Contact us at senate@kenyon.edu.

  • Democrats

    Kenyon Democrats engages with the local community about issues that directly affect us all. We help elect officials aligned with our political views and also dedicate ourselves to non-partisan issues. We bring candidates, politicians and activists to campus to engage students and the surrounding community on current political issues. Contact us at democrats@kenyon.edu.

  • Every Vote Counts

    Every Vote Counts (EVC) is a student-led, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing voter turnout nationwide and empowering an informed electorate that fully reflects America’s diversity. We believe that all political questions rest on a voting system. When that system is flawed, the people lose their voice. Contact us at evcnational@kenyon.edu.

  • Israel Club

    Israel Club helps students learn about and navigate the intricacies of Israeli politics, culture and life. With an open environment, where all have a place to speak and be heard, we discuss issues that face Israel. We also sponsor lectures, film screenings and open fora to promote the Israeli cause. Contact us at ksfi@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon Sin Fronteras

    Kenyon Sin Fronteras pursues justice and dignity for immigrants with a special, but not exclusive, focus on the U.S.-Mexico border. We raise awareness about border issues through sustained dialogues supported by speakers, film screenings and partnerships with local organizations. We focus on the experiences of immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and Indigenous people whose lives are disrupted by border and immigration policy. Contact us at sinfronteras@kenyon.edu.

  • Planned Parenthood Generation Action Club

    Planned Parenthood Generation Action Club mobilizes advocates for reproductive freedom, raises public awareness about reproductive health and rights and educates young people about sexual health. Our goal is to create lasting cultural change and get Kenyon students more involved with local communities. Contact us at ppga.club@kenyon.edu.

  • republicans


    Kenyon Republicans serves as a venue for civil discussion of Republican values. We host speakers, watch debates, hold fundraisers and collaborate with the Kenyon Democrats. Our goal is to build a place where differing views are not only accepted but encouraged. Contact us at republicans@kenyon.edu.

  • Student Council

    Student Council determines and expresses student views concerning College affairs. We also supervise student organizations, activities, enterprises and social events, administer elections, manage the Student Activity Fund, and propose changes to improve student life in collaboration with the Campus Senate and other College agencies. Contact us at studentcouncil@kenyon.edu.

  • Students for Justice in Palestine

    Students for Justice in Palestine engages the Kenyon community through public education, lectures and film screenings, and community discussions on the subject of human rights violations in Israel and occupied Palestine. We encourage a multiplicity of voices and viewpoints. Contact us at ksjp@kenyon.edu.

  • Young Democratic Socialists

    Young Democratic Socialists believes in the idea of democratic socialism and creating a more progressive, equal and democratic society. We bring more awareness to progressive issues on campus and reach out to the surrounding community. We are not a formal political party but rather an activist group that is willing to work with any like-minded group or candidate.