• Archon Society

    The Archon Society is a co-ed Greek organization. Archons bridge the gap between the Kenyon and Knox County communities through service and outreach. We pride ourselves on our devotion to service and to our fellow members. Contact us at archon.society@kenyon.edu.

  • Alpha Delta Phi

    Alpha Delta Phi fraternity fosters a diverse and lively group that betters the community through diversity, leadership, scholarly pursuits, and the development of moral character. Our members are leaders in student government, club and varsity sports, and academic research in addition to our own philanthropic and social events. Contact us at alphadeltaphi@kenyon.edu.

  • Alpha Sigma Tau

    Alpha Sigma Tau welcomes women and nonbinary students into an inclusive, inspiring, safe and joyful space to grow as siblings and individuals. We foster intellectual, cultural, ethical and social development, and instill a commitment to leadership. We create an environment of shared understanding and respect, which leads to lifelong relationships. Contact us at alphasigmatau@kenyon.edu.

  • Men of Principle

    Beta Theta Pi

    Beta Theta Pi takes the idea of brotherhood seriously, becoming more diverse every year. We build lasting bonds of friendship through mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct and integrity. Contact us at betathetapi@kenyon.edu.

  • Four triangles

    Delta Delta Delta

    Tri Delta encourages members to be themselves, be bold, be brave and to be "kind alike to all." We are an organization of women with three core values of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship. Contact us at tridelt-stuorg@kenyon.edu.

  • Delta Kappa Epsilon

    Delta Kappa Epsilon is Kenyon’s oldest fraternity. Our goal is the union of stout hearts and a kindred interest to secure to merit its due reward. We organize charitable events and social functions, and serve in leadership roles across campus life. We participate in varsity and club athletics, as members of student government, and in other student organizations. Contact us at deltakappaepsilon@kenyon.edu.

  • Delta Tau Delta

    Delta Tau Delta, established at Kenyon in 1881, was one of the first Delt chapters in the nation. We excel at community service, academic and athletic excellence, and leadership while maintaining a strong and social brotherhood. Contact us at deltataudelta@kenyon.edu.

  • edm

    Epsilon Delta Mu

    Epsilon Delta Mu is a local sorority. Through the principles of happiness, friendship, knowledge and virtue, we aspire to enrich ourselves, our sisters and the community as a whole. We unite women in the community and beyond through service and compassion. Contact us at epsilondeltamu@kenyon.edu.

  • Phi Kappa Tau

    Phi Kappa Tau is a values-based fraternity that champions a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character. Contact us at phikappatau@kenyon.edu

  • Theta Delta Phi

    Theta Delta Phi sorority upholds the ideals of academic excellence, community involvement, leadership and social responsibility. Our core values — unity, honor, wisdom, courage, and sincerity — are embraced and exemplified by our members. We help organize a holiday party for families involved in Head Start, and we add to the diversity of Kenyon’s social scene. Contact us at theta@kenyon.edu

  • Zeta Alpha Pi

    Zeta Alpha Pi advocates the cultivation of the intellect and leadership and the fostering of positive relationships through service. We value the formation of sisterhood that enriches the college experience and will be carried through our lives. Contact us at zetaalphapi@kenyon.edu.

  • Greek Council

    Greek Council presides over fraternities, sororities and societies. It coordinates social and service activities to promote a sense of purpose and community. Composed of 11 voting general session members and and six voting executive members, the council drafts and passes legislation pertaining to all aspects of Greek life at Kenyon. Contact us at greekcouncil@kenyon.edu