• Letter K

    American Sign Language Club

    The American Sign Language (ASL) Club focuses on the community-learning of American Sign Language and Deaf culture and encourage a community of sign language and accessibility on campus. Contact us at aslclub-stuorg@kenyon.edu.

  • Book Watchers Club

    We read two to three books each semester that have been adapted into a film or show, which we will then watch. The club promotes a safe and open environment to welcome all students. Contact us at bookwatch-stuorg@kenyon.edu.

  • Book pages


    Kenyon BookWorms reads books from romance novels to non-fiction. Members of the club vote on the books each month. Each meeting will start with a discussion about the book of the month and then move on to general book discussion. Contact us at kbookworms-stuorg@kenyon.edu.

  • K

    Chess Club

    Chess Club is for chess players of all skill levels. We mostly play, but we also have tutorials and theory for those interested. Contact us at chess.club@kenyon.edu.

  • Pottery making

    Craft Center

    The Kenyon Craft Center offers programs in handbuilding, pottery, weaving and woodworking, which are presented at a low cost to students and community members. Contact us at craftcenter@kenyon.edu.

  • Fiber Arts

    The Kenyon Fiber Arts Club teaches students how to knit while providing a space to work on other fiber crafts such as crocheting, embroidery, etc. We also donate products such as hats, scarves and mittens to local women’s shelters. Contact us at fiberarts@kenyon.edu.

  • Social Board

    Social Board is dedicated to making Kenyon "more social, less bored." We plan, promote and produce entertaining events for students. We also help members to develop personal, professional and leadership skills by empowering them to be active campus life contributors. Contact us at socialboard@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon Tabletop Club

    Tabletop Club

    Kenyon Tabletop Club offers a space for students to play board games, participate in murder mysteries and enjoy role-playing games. We meet every two weeks for a board game night, and put on two murder mysteries per semester. We also have a board game collection for students to borrow. Contact us at tabletop@kenyon.edu.