• A Medio Camino

      A Medio Camino is a newspaper where our Spanish-speaking and Latino students at Kenyon can make their voices heard in their native or heritage language. Each publication includes news and opinion articles regarding the Hispanic population in the U.S., articles and interviews about the Kenyon and the local community, and original creative writing. Contact us at amediocamino@kenyon.edu.

  • Cinearts

    Cinearts is a film group in association with the Gund Gallery that screens films and promotes discussion within the Kenyon community. Contact us at cinearts@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon Collegian

    The Kenyon Collegian is the student-run weekly newspaper that covers Kenyon and the Gambier community. We publish a weekly print edition during the academic year, which is distributed free-of-charge in the Village of Gambier. Visit kenyoncollegian.com, and contact us at collegian@kenyon.edu.

  • Collegian Magazine

    The Collegian Magazine tells stories about Kenyon, Gambier and the local community. We publish one issue a semester, covering topics with depth and grace. In addition to long features, the magazine includes photo essays and journals, statistics and humor columns. Contact us at thecollegianmagazine@kenyon.edu.

  • Her Campus

    Her Campus Kenyon is part of a multi-institutional and international online community for college women. We are your go-to dashboard for all things Kenyon, news and lifestyle. Her Campus Kenyon covers everything from dating advice to current events and breaking world news in real time — and isn't just for women. Contact us at hercampus@kenyon.edu.

  • HIKA

    HIKA publishes student work in a highly selective literary and fine arts journal. We also offer students interested in editing and publishing the chance to develop these skills. HIKA is published once a year. Contact us at hika@kenyon.edu.

  • kenyon buffs

    Kenyon Buffs

    Kenyon Buffs creates a space to regularly watch, analyze, discuss and worship the CBS reality show “Survivor.” We meet weekly to watch episodes and discuss the cultural and historical merits of the interpersonal and strategic dynamics represented on the show. Contact us at buffs@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon Observer

    The Kenyon Observer is a political commentary publication that provides a forum for both liberal and conservative students to air their views. Contact us at tko@kenyon.edu.

  • The Kenyon Reveille

    The Kenyon Reveille is the College's yearbook and oldest continuing student publication. First published in 1855, the Reveille’s initial run lasted 159 years until its end in 2014. Restarted in 2021, the Reveille has resumed operations as the student-run record of Kenyonia, a publication dedicated to the preservation of memory on the Hill. Contact us at reveille@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon Thrill

    The Kenyon Thrill is a blog dedicated to delivering news and commentary to the campus in a way that is both fast and fun. Contact us at thekenyonthrill@kenyon.edu.

  • long dog

    Long Dog Arts Collective

    The Long Dog Arts Collective fosters creative expression among students who would not necessarily consider themselves artistic. We host interactive art events and publish compilations of student work. Contact us at longdogarts@kenyon.edu.

  • Lyceum

    Lyceum is a student-run science writing publication that bridges the gap between the sciences and the arts through creative communication. Contact us at lyceum@kenyon.edu.

  • middle path

    Middle Path

    The Middle Path​ is a magazine aimed at “Examining Issues from a Foundation of Liberty.” We investigate pressing issues of politics, philosophy, economics and culture within the tradition of classical liberalism. We give a voice to students who support liberal democracy and individual rights, regardless of where they lie on the political spectrum. Contact us at themiddlepath@kenyon.edu.

  • Persimmons

    Persimmons is an annual magazine that publishes student art and writing and celebrates student creativity. We host weekly meetings to review submissions, host events like poetry readings, and we have an active blog. Contact us at persimmons@kenyon.edu.

  • Photography Club

    We are the first and only club at Kenyon for those interested in photography at any level of experience. We aspire to create a community around photography on campus. We encourage members to pursue or improve their own photography and share their passion with others. Contact us at photographyclub@kenyon.edu.

  • Sunset Press

    Sunset Press publishes long-form work from emerging and underrepresented voices on campus. We welcome writing submissions from all genres and select student writers to create original manuscripts to be published and sold as chapbooks. Sunset Press also publishes an online magazine and creative space. Contact us at sunsetpress@kenyon.edu.

  • WKCO 91.9FM

    WKCO 91.9FM provides students with hands-on experience in live broadcasting, music/radio journalism and writing and music recording. We welcome members who are interested in broadcasting, writing for the blog, or want to learn how to operate a recording studio, and we provide training. Contact us at wkco@kenyon.edu.