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    Ace Space and Aro Place

    Ace Space and Aro Place's mission is to create a safe space for people on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum. ASAP also seeks to provide educational resources about the ace/aro community for both the campus and the broader community and to advocate for the inclusion of asexual and aromantic perspectives on relevant issues. Contact us at asap@kenyon.edu.


    ADELANTE supports Latinx students and promotes a sense of community. Through lectures, films, publications and social events, we encourage a larger cultural and social understanding of the Latin American/Latinx community at Kenyon. Contact us at adelante@kenyon.edu.

  • African Students Association

    The African Students Association nourishes cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent. Contact us at africanstudents@kenyon.edu.

  • Black Student Union

    The Black Student Union hosts events in an effort to increase dialogue about the various cultures present in the African diaspora. We are also an open door and community for those native to the African diaspora and those interested in it. Contact us at bsu@kenyon.edu.

  • figli


    First-Generation Low-Income Student Organization (FiGLi) is a safe space for students who identify as first-generation and/or low income. We provide an inclusive space where students can connect with others who share their experiences, gain access to knowledge and resources, and be empowered about their presence at Kenyon. Contact us at figlistudents@kenyon.edu.

  • Cultural Fair

    International Society at Kenyon

    International Society at Kenyon (ISAK) serves as the voice of international students on campus, addresses international student issues and raises awareness about global and cross-cultural issues through programs and events. Contact us at isak@kenyon.edu.

  • Japanese Culture Club

    The Japanese Culture Club provides opportunities to learn about traditional Japanese culture and modern popular culture. From culturally-themed trips to Columbus to more casual on-campus events, members experience various aspects of Japanese culture through its food, music, crafts, games, films and more. Contact us at japanesecultureclub@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon Asian Identities

    Kenyon Asian Identities is an intersectional alliance that brings together all Asian/Asian American people, our issues and our relationships with other minority groups. We identify issues, offer solutions and actively participate in conversations surrounding our existence and relationships with other minoritized groups. Contact us at kai@kenyon.edu.

  • Men of Color

    Men of Color is dedicated to the success, fellowship and social stability of male students of color. We are a forum for members to express themselves, understand each other’s experiences and educate others in order to transcend societal misunderstandings and stereotypes. We use our own growth and perspective to support and enrich Kenyon. Contact us at menofcolor@kenyon.edu.

  • Middle East Student Association

    The Middle East Student Association raises awareness of Middle Eastern and Islamicate culture and politics through student forums, movie screenings, charitable fundraisers, guest lecturers, artistic exhibitions, community events and semi-annual publications. Our members include American, Arab, Jewish and international students. Contact us at mesa@kenyon.edu.

  • Kenyon K

    Natural Hair Club

    The Natural Hair Club provides a community for those interested in furthering their knowledge about natural hair and educates the wider community about natural hair, its history and cultural significance. We host events hold discussions and offer education about hair care, products and related resources. Contact us at nhc-stuorg@kenyon.edu.

  • qdubs


    Qdubs is Kenyon's only confidential group for queer/questioning people who are not cisgender men. You can reach out for advice or information whenever you need. Contact us at qdubs@kenyon.edu.

  • Queer Masculinities

    Queer Masculinities (QMS) is an anonymous group established for members of the LGBTQ+ Kenyon community (and students who are curious). We build community through events and weekly meetings, and membership is open to all students. Contact us at qms@kenyon.edu.

  • Queer & Trans Literary Society

    The Queer and Trans Literary Society is a book club that meets monthly to discuss books that amplify LGBTQ+ characters and voices. Contact us at qandtlitsociety@kenyon.edu.

  • Queer and Trans People of Color

    QTPOC is a space for people of color who identify within the LGBTQ+ community. Contact us at qtpoc@kenyon.edu.

  • Transgender Pride Colors

    Trans Book Club

    The Trans Book Club meets weekly to discuss books, essays, poems, films, talks and other cultural productions that center transness and its intersections with other identities. We provide a place of community for trans, nonbinary and other gender-diverse students and their allies. Contact us at transbook-stuorg@kenyon.edu.

  • Sisterhood

    Sisterhood unifies Kenyon's women of color through fellowship and discussion. We explore issues faced by women of color on and off campus. Contact us at sisterhood@kenyon.edu.

  • HOLI celebration

    South Asian Society

    The South Asian Society encourages discourse by initiating conversations pertaining to South Asia and raising awareness about its diverse traditions and experiences. We explore the multi-faceted nature of South Asian identities and experiences, while embracing South Asian pluralism. Contact us at southasia@kenyon.edu.

  • Students of Caribbean Ancestry

    Students of Caribbean Ancestry allows students to think about their own identities in a transnational sense. We provide students of Caribbean ancestry tools to explore their culture and humanity. Contact us at soca@kenyon.edu.