Investigation Process

Upon receiving information regarding activities that possibly violate the Kenyon College Student Handbook, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Office of Campus Safety may open an investigation into the reported activities. The investigation may include interviewing students and collecting information related to the alleged activities. The manner in which the investigation is conducted will vary depending on the nature of the initial report. 

Students must attend investigation interviews when requested. Failure to attend the requested interview with a College-appointed investigator may be a violation of the Failure to Comply provision of the Student Handbook. In the case of a scheduling conflict, the student must notify the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities of such conflict by email prior to the scheduled interview time. Any information provided must not be intentionally misleading or information that the person knows to be false.  During the interview, students are not required to answer questions.  A student's decision to not answer questions will not lead to an adverse inference of the student’s responsibility for the alleged activities. 

Student Rights within the Student Conduct Process will be afforded to students who are formally alleged to have violated Kenyon College’s Prohibited and Restricted Conduct.