4. Misuse of Property

a. Computers, Email and Social Media

i. Unauthorized entry/transfer into a file, for any purpose.

ii. Use of another’s identification, account or password.

iii. Providing access, passwords, account information to another individual.

iv. Use of computing facilities, campus network, or other resources to interfere with the work of another individual.

v. Use of computing facilities and resources in violation of copyright laws.

vi. Use of College-provided computing resources or facilities for business or profit-making purposes. 

vii. Use of College-provided computing resources to invade or alter private records, data or communication belonging to individuals, to the College or to others.

viii. Use of computing resources, either tangible such as printer paper, or soft resources such as Internet bandwidth or access to computers in excess.

b. Unauthorized Access 

i. Unauthorized entry into College buildings or areas, including but not limited to offices, athletic facilities, or construction sites, even when unlocked.

ii. Entering into College residences other than one’s assigned building or private residential space without being granted access by a resident of said space.

iii. Tampering with locks to College buildings, unauthorized possession or use of College keys or K-cards,, and alteration or duplication of College keys or other access devices.

iv. Entering, placing items on top or inside of, or going onto: the roofs of College buildings, ceilings, vents, trash chutes, fire escape ladders, etc. 

c. Student Enterprises

i. Students may not utilize College resources for the purpose of conducting a for-profit business on campus.

ii. Students may not utilize the College’s branding, name, or likeness without its express permission. 

d. Off-Campus Housing

i. Kenyon students are required to reside in campus housing. Utilization of living spaces that are not owned or controlled by Kenyon is prohibited. Students seeking an exception from the residential requirement must receive prior permission from the Office of Residential Life.