5. Improper Fire Safety

a. Any open flame, burning candle, incense or other incendiary device in any College residential space. Note: Candles (regardless of the condition of the wick) are not permitted, including those intended for religious purposes or observances.

b. Failure to evacuate a building during a fire alarm.

c. Tampering with wiring, including heating, electrical or cable television wiring.

d. Possessing or discharging fireworks.

e. Causing or contributing to a fire-safety hazard. This includes, but is not limited to, obstructing exits, stairwells, and hallways.

f. Using live trees or other greenery as holiday decorations in student rooms, suites, apartments or living areas. All decorations must be fireproof. Decorative holiday lights must be of “mini-light” specifications. Decorations or lights may not be placed on the exterior of buildings or windows, and they may not block entrances, exits, hallways, room doors,  stairwells or hallways.

g. Religious and other exemptions regarding use of candles, incense, or fireworks may be granted by the Office of Residential Life (for residential spaces) or the proper administrative office that has oversight of a particular non-residential space.