Please note: On the day your plans are due, do not log into Plan Ahead (or MyBanner) beginning at 12:30 p.m. The system will ignore your requests and will not register you for courses if you are in your plans. 

Read the registration instructions.


Read the course descriptions. Do you have the required prerequisite as a test score or as an equated transfer credit course? If not, you will need to obtain an online override from the instructor before your registration time. Transfer credit must be equated to a Kenyon course on your transcript to be used as a prerequisite.

When you receive an override from the instructor, this does not register you for the course, you MUST add the course to your plans.


When entering CRN's for any labs with lectures listed as the corequisite, you MUST enter the lecture first and then the lab. 

Reserved Seats

In an effort to keep a particular balance of students in a class, some faculty choose to reserve seats by class. These courses should be considered a priority when registering. Please note this page updates each morning. 

Class Restrictions

Some introductory courses state in the description that certain class years may not register. Obtain an online override from the instructor before your registration time. You will still need to add the course to your plans. 

Time Conflicts 

Keep an eye out for overlapping time periods. 

Permission of Instructor (PI)

Obtain an online override from the instructor before your registration time. You will still need to add the courses to your plans. 

Course enrollment

Make note of the available seats to help prioritize your registration. 

Audit, Individual Study and Senior Honors 

These must be added during the drop/add period the first seven class days of the semester.

Please read the course catalog and remember there are academic policies related to minimum enrollment, physical education courses, units outside of your major and year-long courses. 

As a courtesy, please do not fill your schedule with courses just to have a full schedule. There is a drop/add period following everyone's registration period. You can add and drop classes at that point and again at the beginning of each semester. It is fine not to have a full schedule at this point as we don't check for full time enrollment until the end of the drop/add period at the beginning of each semester. 

Notice of Individual Student Responsibility:
While faculty and staff stand ready to encourage and advise, the final responsibility for complying with College polices and procedures as well as for meeting degree requirements rests with the individual student. Students have access to all of the College policies in the Course Catalog and various enrollment instructions and are held accountable for their content.