Error Message Where Do You Find the Information? What to Do
1. Closed section Schedule of Courses - enrollment limit Contact the instructor to obtain an override or to be added to the waitlist if one is available.
2. Reserved closed Reserved seats Check the reserved seat listing on the registrar's web page for available seats. Attempt to add the course during the drop/add period. 
3. Prerequisite or test score  Prerequisites Contact the instructor for a prerequisite override.
4. Time conflict with CRN XXXXX Schedule of Courses Check your schedule and the schedule of courses. If you need to change sections of a year course, use an enrollment change request form.  
5. Permission of the instructor required Schedule of Courses if "PI" is listed beside the limit. Get the instructor's written permission on an enrollment change request form or have the instructor enter an override online.
6. Course is not available for registration at this time Schedule of Courses Course may have been cancelled or the CRN is incorrect. Check the schedule of courses.
7. Field of Study Restriction.  Course Catalog - course description Declare your major or contact the instructor for permission or have the instructor enter an override online.
8. Maximum hours exceeded You didn't see the class on your personal access pages. Please stop by the Registrar's Office.
9. Class Restriction Course Catalog - course description Contact the instructor for a class restriction override. 
10.  Corequisite Required Course Catalog - course description Read the course description to see which course is a corequisite.