You might find yourself in need of an apostille if you plan to study, teach or work abroad. It appears that even though the Kenyon transcript is considered official in every way, some countries require this extra step.

"An apostille is a certificate issued by our office for all documents going to countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Convention.  Since not all countries are members of the Hague Convention, it is important that you list the country to which your documents are going.  With the certification of the apostille, the document is entitled to recognition in the country of intended use, and no additional authentication or legalization is required.  For a list of countries that accept the Apostille, please visit the official Web site of Hague Convention." (Ohio Secretary of State)

To have a transcript and/or diploma notarized for the apostille process, please complete the replacement diploma request form.

We add language to each document that a notary confirms its validity. Your documents will then be sent by certified mail to you at the address provided. Once you receive the requested documents, you will need to access the Ohio Secretary of State website for information on how to proceed with the apostille process. You can also contact them at (614) 728-9200 for further assistance. Requests are normally processed within one to two weeks. Please plan ahead.

The Kenyon College Registrar's Office charges the following fees:

  • $50.00 per diploma charge (Since the diploma is in Latin, an official English translation will be included.)
  • $8.00 USPS certified mail charge

Payment should be in the form of a check or money order made out to Kenyon College.

Mail payment and request form to: 
Kenyon College
Registrar's Office
103 College Drive
Chalmers Library, 2nd Floor
Gambier, OH 43022

If you have additional questions, contact the Registrar's Office at 740-427-5122.