What to Expect and Who to Call

The Provost Office is eager to help all new faculty confidently begin or continue your work here at Kenyon College. Below you will find helpful information as you transition into your new role. We welcome the opportunity to assist as you settle in, so please reach out with any questions. 

Provost's Office (Bailey House; 740-427-5115)

Jeff Bowman, Provost
Jalene Fox, Faculty Resources Specialist; 740-427-5115
Amy Quinlivan, Coordinator of Administrative Services; 740-427-5117
Darlene Tedrow, Coordinator of Faculty Support; 740-427-5118

Associate Provosts (740-427-5117)

Wendy Singer, Associate Provost, Bailey House
Sheryl Hemkin, Associate Provost, Bailey House
Ted Mason, Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Lentz House 106

Office for Sponsored Faculty Projects

William Billiter, Exec. Director of Sponsored Research & Strategic Initiatives, 740 427-5088
Wendy Busenburg, Coordinator of Grants Administration, 740 427-5551
Deedra Sukrungruang, Assistant Director of Sponsored Research & Strategic Initiatives, OSFP@kenyon.edu

Who to Contact

Darlene Tedrow (740-427-5118) will work with you to provide an office with keys, furniture, phone and other infrastructure and services that will help you do your best work. We all look forward to working with you. Please consider the following:

If you don't see what you are looking for listed below, please try our comprehensive list of responsibilities, the first tab linked below entitled Division of Responsibilities and Departments.

Your office will be located near those of your departmental colleagues if at all possible.

Our goal is for your office to be ready for you on or about August 1. Ordinarily, previous occupants are asked to vacate offices by June 30 so that there is time for cleaning and repairs before new occupants arrive on August 1. However this will vary greatly depending on a number of factors; in some cases where the previous occupant left campus right after submitting her/his spring-semester grades in mid-May, your office may be ready for you much earlier. In other cases, the previous occupant may be waiting for carpenters, painters or others to complete preparations for his or her move to a different office, so yours may not be available to you until mid-August. Each case is different, so be prepared for the unexpected.

You will be issued key(s) to your office and your building as soon as the office and keys are available. Keys will be available from Darlene Tedrow.

You can expect that your office will contain a desk, a desk chair, a side chair, and a filing cabinet. Ordinarily, you may arrange your furniture and decorate your office to suit yourself whenever you like.

Please do not undertake any painting in your office without first contacting Darlene Tedrow. If additional furniture is needed, or repairs are necessary, email or call Darlene Tedrow.

Your office should contain a telephone and the number will be published in the campus online directory along with your name and office location. Your phone should be in working order when you move into your office or soon thereafter. If the number is not obvious, dial 0 and ask the operator for the number of the phone from which you are dialing. If your phone or connection needs attention, email or call Darlene Tedrow.

Ordinarily, nameplates are attached to your door or the wall nearby — usually in late July or early August. If we have somehow missed you, please do not take matters into your own hands. Instead, notify the administrative assistant in your department or email or call Darlene Tedrow.

Anytime you find something broken, missing or otherwise amiss in your classroom please report it to Darlene Tedrow.

If the AV equipment in your classroom fails to work properly, please report it to LBIS helpline at 740-427-5700 or Paul Mollard (LBIS) and explain the problem.

Ordinarily, you will be provided a Windows PC for your office; however, if you notify us early on, we can provide a Mac instead. Your computer is not likely to be brand new, but should not be more than four years old. Those who wish to purchase machines that are very specific to their work should note that the purchase of all computers and peripherals must be coordinated through of LBIS. The College will not fund any purchases made without LBIS's approval. This is a matter of existing agreements, network compatibility, support, warranties, etc. Email or call Darlene Tedrow.

Offices and classrooms are cleaned periodically by the maintenance staff. If there are problems, please let us know. Email or call Darlene Tedrow.

If there are other issues regarding your office and/or classrooms, please do not hesitate to communicate directly with us! Email or call Darlene Tedrow.

Startup Funds

If you were granted startup funds at the time of hiring, direct questions to Darlene Tedrow.