1. Certain administrative positions in the College may require that the incumbent reside within the Village of Gambier as a condition of employment. The list of such positions will be made public each year in the President's report at the first Faculty Meeting. In these instances the College will assist in securing appropriate housing and under some circumstances may assign a College-owned residence to an employee. In the latter event this assignment must be approved by the President and, by contract, the Board of Trustees.
  2. All other College-owned residences are available for rental to full-time members of the faculty and administration according to the following regulations (when two part-time members of the faculty or the administration are sharing a full-time position and wish to occupy a single housing unit, they are eligible for such rental):

    (a) Apartments will be rented to members of the administration and faculty in their first year of appointment on a first-come, first-served basis. Once assigned, occupancy in a particular unit will be guaranteed for four years. If in any year there are more vacancies than first-year appointees who wish College rental housing, other members who are in their first four years of appointment are eligible for assignment on a first-come, first-served basis.

    New members who are unable to obtain apartment housing in the first year of their appointment will have priority in obtaining housing in their second, third, or fourth years, with the understanding that such rental is available for only the first four years of their appointment. After four years of occupancy or the member's fourth year of appointment, whichever comes earlier, the occupant will vacate in favor of more recently appointed administration and faculty.

    If, after all applications for housing are filled, apartments remain unoccupied, they may be occupied by part-time members of the administration or faculty for a maximum of one year.

    (b) Current occupants of College-owned apartments whose eligibility for such apartments expires June 30, and who have one or more years remaining of eligibility for College-owned housing, may, if apartments are still available on June 1, be assigned an apartment for one year. Priority among persons in this category will be determined by the date of the member's first duly executed contract. Those wishing to apply for the above mentioned consideration should inform the Office of the Vice President for Finance, prior to June 1, in the year the current lease expires.

    (c) "First-come" shall be determined by the receipt in the Office of the Vice President for Finance of a letter of confirmation from the President's office that an employment contract has been executed. This statement of the policy covering allocation of college-owned residences will be mailed with the proposed employment contract. Persons not wishing to be on the apartment/housing list will be removed from the list, only when such desire is confirmed in writing to the Vice President for Finance.
  3. Administration and faculty may sublet apartments under the following

    (a) Subleases must first be offered to persons (in order of priority) on the housing waiting list.

    (b) The sublease period may not exceed the period of the sublessor's authorized occupancy.

    (c) Rents must be at the rates established by the College.

    (d) The sublessor is ultimately responsible for payment of all rents, utilities and damage, if any.

The above policy approved by the
Kenyon College Board of Trustees-May 2, 1981
Edited by J.G. Nelson and approved by
President Jordan-May 1988