Startup funds are granted by the Provost at the time of hiring and only in certain situations. Such grants are tailored to the situation, and the amounts and terms may vary considerably. Startup funds are intended to promote the professional development of the faculty member so as to be a more effective member of the Kenyon faculty.

Startup funds are disbursed over the first one to three years in which a faculty member holds a tenure-track position. The proportion of the total startup fund disbursed in any year is negotiated at the time of hire. The funds are unrestricted in the sense that faculty members are free to use them to support their work as they see fit, within the guidelines expressed in the following paragraph.

Items purchased with startup funds are the property of the College and are intended for the professional use of the faculty member and/or program(s) of that faculty member. Items purchased with startup funds remain with the department upon the departure of the faculty member from the College. The purchase of computing or related equipment must be accomplished in cooperation with the Library and Information Services Division (LBIS). Faculty members may draw on their startup account through the year of their tenure review or the date of their resignation from the College.

Once startup funds have been granted by the Provost, the startup program is administered by the Coordinator of Faculty Support; all questions related to startup funds should be directed to Darlene Tedrow. All requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by proper receipts and a completed Travel and Expense or Payment Order form.

The status of your startup account may be found on the web by following the path:

  • Personal Access Pages
  • Finance
  • Budget queries
  • Type = "Budget Status by Account"; Saved Query = "Startup (Shared)"; click "Retrieve Query"
  • (Accept this page as is.) click "Continue"
  • (Fiscal Period ="12", Chart of Accounts = "K", Grant = (your account number from Darlene Tedrow) click "Submit Query"

The information found on the resulting page is the current status of your account as known by the Accounting Department. If you have questions about the process of getting to the information, contact Darlene Tedrow at 1-740-427-5118. If you have questions about the data itself, contact Shirley O'Brien at 1-740-427-5181.

Faculty with startup funds are fully responsible for the use of these funds within the guidelines established by the Provost and must be very careful not to overspend the account.