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Mandatory and Optional Fees & Charges, 2024-25

Mandatory Fees & Charges First  Semester    Second Semester    2024-25 Total  
Tuition $35,598 $35,598 $71,196
Food (meal plan) $4,520 $4,520 $9,040
Student Activities Fee $162 $162 $324
Housing (residence hall rate) $3,300 $3,300 $6,600
Total Billed Mandatory Charges  $43,580  $43,580 $87,160
Optional Items on Bill* First  Semester  Second Semester  2024-25 Total
K-Card Deposit $950 $950 $1,900
Health Insurance estimate $2,500 0 $2,500
Tuition Refund Insurance estimate $250 $250 $500
Total Billed Optional and Mandatory Charges  $47,280  $44,780  $92,060

*Optional items may be waived. Please click on the title of the optional item for more information and for links to waiver sites which will open in late June/early July for Fall 2024. Waivers for Health Insurance and Tuition Refund Insurance must be completed by the first day of classes for the Fall semester, August 29, 2024.

Estimated Cost of Attendance, 2024-25

The Cost of Attendance is an estimate of expenses while you are enrolled at Kenyon. These expenses determine the amount of financial aid that can be provided and are used to measure financial need. 

Expenses include billed mandatory charges like tuition, housing, and meals, as well as indirect costs like books, transportation, and personal and miscellaneous expenses. Indirect expenses are either optional charges or estimates of out-of-pocket costs taken into account when determining eligibility for financial aid. Note that Kenyon need-based aid is not adjusted based on differences in actual housing costs or health insurance.

  First  Semester  Second Semester  2024-25 Total
Billed Mandatory Charges for tuition, fees, food and housing (see above) $43,580 $43,580 $87,160
Books/Personal $950 $950 $1,900
Transportation and Miscellaneous* $975 $975 $1,950
Total Cost of Attendance (excludes health insurance)**  $45,505  $45,505  $91,010 

* Miscellaneous expenses include incidental education costs that are not billed as well as the average federal loan fees that students who borrow typically incur.

** Students enrolling in the Kenyon student health insurance plan should add $2,500 to the cost of attendance.

Housing Rates

Because Kenyon is a residential college, all students live in College residences and eat in the College dining hall. Exceptions to this practice may be made only through written permission.

Starting in 2024-2025 academic year, Kenyon will begin a three-year process to close the gap between the highest  and lowest room rates on campus with the goal of providing greater equity. Learn more.

Specific Housing Rentals* First Semester Second Semester 2024-25 Total
Residence Hall Rate** $3,300 $3,300 $6,600
Partial Apartment Rate*** $3,800 $3,800 $7,600
Full Apartment Rate**** $4,300 $4,300 $8,600

*Non-payment of the first semester bill by the due date may result in the cancellation of the student’s housing assignment. According to College policy, the Office of Residential Life reserves the right to assign any vacancy at any time.

**Residence Halls: Bushnell, Caples, Gund, Hanna, Leonard, Lewis, Manning, Mather, McBride, Norton, Meadow Lane, Old Kenyon and Watson

***Partial Apartments: Bexley, New Apartments and Taft Cottages

****Full Apartments: Acland, Crozier, Duff, Farr, Market, Morgan, North Campus, Thomas, Unity and Wilson 

Summer Housing Rentals (weekly rates)

Single: $90
Double: $75

Tuition for Guest Students

The tuition for a course taken for credit is $8,900 per semester. For a noncredit course, the tuition is $1,780 per semester. Guest students are those who apply for admission as guest students for the purpose of enrolling in a course on a credit basis or on an audit basis but are not considered to be degree candidates. Academic records of guest students are maintained on file on a permanent basis.

Optional Items and Other Fees

Items That Can Be Waived 

Click below to learn more about these items on your bill and how you may waive them by the designated deadline.

Other Optional Fees

Private Instruction in Music: A student may earn credit for each private instruction course taken in music. The fee for each course in voice or instrumental instruction is $600 (50 minutes per week; 13 weeks per semester). The billing policy for private instruction in music is as follows:

Lessons: Amount Billed

  • After one lesson: 8%
  • After two lessons: 50%
  • More than two lessons: 100%

This fee is waived for music majors who are taking required private instruction for credit toward graduation.

Supplemental Programs: On occasion, when there is sufficient interest, a department may offer supplemental programs, such as horseback riding or advanced ballet, to augment its basic programs. Students who choose to enroll in these extra programs will be billed during the regular billing cycle for the associated cost of participation.

Transcript Fee: Student may receive a copy of a transcript of their academic records for $7 each. 

Student Vehicle Registration Fee: $300 per year, applicable to all students having vehicles on campus.

Student ID Replacement Fee: $20 per card

Course Change Fee: Course-change fees are assessed in accordance with the following schedule:

  • First seven class days: No charge
  • Week 3 through 8 of classes: $35
  • After week 8: No changes permitted

Senior Class Dues: The senior class determines how much it will ­assess each member of the class for activities held throughout the year, including Senior Week (the week immediately preceding graduation). The 2024-2025 senior class dues are $100.


A student is not officially registered until all fees and charges are paid.

Transfer or Withdrawal: A student who wishes to transfer credits to another institution or to withdraw from the College must pay in full all indebtedness to Kenyon, including all amounts borrowed, before a transcript of the student's academic record will be issued or the request granted. Transcripts are not released until all payments are made.

Past-Due Accounts: In accordance with rules established by the Board of Trustees, an additional fee of 1.5% of the amount remaining unpaid at the close of business on the day on which it is due will be added to the balance of any account not paid when due. Registration for admittance to classes is not complete until the student's account is paid in full. In addition, any student whose bill is thirty (30) days past due may be suspended from all College privileges including admittance to classes and College residences until payment has been made. The 1.5% penalty will also be assessed against any account that receives credits for a Transact/Cashnet Tuition Payment Plan contract subsequently terminated for nonpayment.

Lockout Fee: Students are expected to keep their student ID cards and residence key, if applicable, with them at all times. If a student requests Campus Safety to let them into their residence, a $15 Lockout Fee (per occurrence) will be charged to their student account.

Parking Fines: In order to control automobile traffic and parking on campus, various regulations have been established. Violators of these regulations are subject to monetary fines.

Damages: Students will be billed for the costs of repairs and replacements, as a result of damages to or destruction of College property, for which the student is responsible.

Library Fines: Library fines vary depending on the patron type, the lending policies of the Consortia and the material type.  

Returned Payments: A $30 handling charge will be assessed for all payments returned because of insufficient funds or other reasons.

Advanced Payments

Entering Student Deposit: Upon notification of admittance to Kenyon, the candidate must return, with the acceptance, an advance payment of $350. This $350 will be credited in full on the student’s final bill upon graduation or withdrawal from the College. If, for some reason, the student never actually enrolls at Kenyon, the $350 is non-refundable.

Information Requests

Questions or requests for clarification of charges or refund policies should be addressed to: Aaron Miller, Assistant Controller, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio 43022-9623 or millera1@kenyon.edu.