It’s your student ID. It’s your library card. It gains you admission to the athletics facilities in the Lowry Center. And it works like cash. It’s your K-Card: Carry it with you, use it at area businesses, and promptly tell us if it’s been lost or stolen.

How to make a deposit into your K-Card account

Because the K-Card works like a debit card, you must have an available balance in your card in order to make a purchase. You can deposit funds into your account in three ways.

K-Card deposit on your tuition bill

Your semester tuition bill includes an optional $950 deposit into your K-Card account. You can reduce or waive this deposit if you wish, and you can add funds at a later time. If you waive the deposit for your first semester tuition payment, the deposit will not appear on your second semester bill. Waive or reduce your K-Card deposit for the second semester beginning November 16.

Deposits at the Kenyon College Bookstore

You can present your card to the cashier at the Kenyon College Bookstore and add funds to your K-Card account during normal business hours. Deposits by cash or check require a minimum amount of $5.

Online deposits

To make a deposit online, visit and then choose the K-Card Deposit option. Funds will be available for use within 24 hours. Deposits by credit card require a minimum of $25.

Statements and balance inquiries

Any cashier in the Kenyon College Bookstore can tell you your current K-Card balance. You can also get balance and transaction information from If you need balance statements or have questions about your statement, email Brittany Ball in the Office of Accounting at

Lost, damaged or stolen K-Cards

Treat your K-Card like cash. If your card is lost or stolen immediately report your card as lost on and then email to arrange for a new card. You can pick up your replacement card at the circulation desk in Chalmers Library. A $20 fee will be charged for replacement cards. 

The sooner your card is reported lost or stolen, the less liable you are for unauthorized charges. You are responsible for any charges to the account occurring before you report your K-Card lost.

Your K-Card might stop working and will need to be replaced if it is exposed to magnetic activity, warped by the sun, or made brittle by the cold, or if holes are punched in it. 

Full K-Card terms and conditions

  • There is no annual fee and no minimum balance required. The full amount of your deposit will be available on your K-Card account. Initial deposits must be $25 or more; subsequent deposits must be more than $5 if by check or cash, $25 if by credit card.
  • Deposits to the K-Card account are processed through the Accounting Office prior to the beginning of each semester and should be available to the student in the week before classes begin. Deposits made during a semester will be available within two business days.
  • The student’s K-Card must be presented at the time of purchase and will be the only means to access the K-Card account.
  • The K-Card can be used only for purchases. Returned items purchased on a K-Card account will be credited back to that account. The receipt must be presented to return any item for credit to the account. No cash refunds are made.
  • The K-Card system will not allow charges unless there is an available balance. In the event that a purchase exceeds the available balance and creates a negative balance on the K-Card account, that negative balance will be charged to the student billing account.
  • The K-Card account remains open until the end of enrollment, therefore, unused balances from one academic year will carry forward to the following year.
  • This account is nontransferable. Additional ID may be required to ensure the student's identity. The student shall be required to sign a receipt for goods and services.
  • The K-Card should never be loaned or borrowed. The K-Card, including all its functions, is for the use of the owner of the card only and will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the owner.
  • In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), no individual, other than the student, may have access or information on the account.
  • If your card is lost or stolen immediately report your card as lost on and then email to arrange for a new card. A fee will be charged for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards. The student is responsible for purchases made and charges to the account prior to notification. If the loss is not reported within two (2) days, the potential liability for unauthorized charges may be limited only by the total dollar amount available in the account.
  • Students will be limited to a total of $100 per academic year in transfers from their K-Card account to their student account to pay for student fees.
  • A K-Card account remains active, even if the balance drops to zero.
  • Unused credit balances will be refunded after the July billing following graduation. In the event of withdrawal, a credit balance will be refunded after the withdrawal processing has been completed.

Businesses that accept the K-Card

As long as you maintain a balance in your account, your K-Card works like a debit card when used for purchases at participating businesses. Several businesses in Gambier in Mount Vernon accept K-Card payments.

Gambier businesses

  • Kenyon College Bookstore

  • Campus Auto

  • Wiggin Street Coffee

  • Gambier Deli

  • Village Market

  • Kenyon Inn

  • Village Inn

  • Campus laundry facilities 

Mount Vernon+ businesses

  • Almost Famous Sweets & Sodas

  • CVS

  • Dean's Jewelry
  • Domino's Pizza

  • Mazza's Italian Restaurant
  • The Pub at Apple Valley
  • Salon 361
  • Southside Diner
  • Summit Axe Throwing