The Student Accounts Office maintains all records related to student tuition, fees and miscellaneous charges and credits. We are happy to assist you with questions related to billing invoices and payments. 

Your fall semester bill will be sent via email in July and must be paid before you are officially registered for your classes.

Frequently Requested Billing Topics

Below you'll find topics and links to families' most common billing concerns. You will also find detailed information on all these topics in Explore this Section links at the top of this page. Still have questions? Contact us at

Billing and Payment Options

You can pay your tuition and fees by cash, check, credit card, electronic check, bank wire, international bank transfer, or with PayMyTuition's Payment Plan.

Tuition Refund Insurance Fee

You will find a $270 fee for optional tuition refund insurance. If you do not want the coverage, you must waive the fall tuition refund insurance by August 29. If you waive the fall semester coverage, you will not be billed the spring premium and will not be enrolled in the plan for the spring semester.

Student Health Insurance Fee

Your fall bill includes a $1,911 fee for student health insurance. If you have other ACA-approved health insurance, the plan is optional, but the coverage must be waived by August 15, 2024.

Understanding the K-Card Charge

Your K-Card works like a debit card when used for purchases at participating businesses. Your fall semester tuition bill includes an optional $950 deposit into your K-Card account unless the waiver/reduction form is completed. You can reduce or waive this deposit beginning July 3, 2024, if you wish, and you can add funds at a later time online or in-person at the Kenyon Bookstore.

Student Accounts

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