Each enrolling student is issued the Kenyon College K-Card upon initial registration in the College. Prior to issue, the K-Card is enabled to perform the following functions:

  • Official Student ID card
  • Library card
  • Admission card - when presented at the Kenyon Athletic Center
  • Debit card - when used as payment for purchases at the following locations in Gambier: Kenyon College Bookstore, Campus Auto, Wiggin Street Coffee, The Gambier Deli, The Village Market, The Kenyon Inn,  The Village Inn,  Chilitos and various laundry facilities on campus. The K-card is accepted in Mount Vernon at CVS Pharmacy, Rite-Aid Pharmacy, Domino's Pizza,  Dave's Cosmic Subs, The Joint, Stein Brewing Company, Marcos Pizza, Papa John's Pizza and at On the Run Drive Thru.

Creating and Maintaining Your K-Card Account

K-Card Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no annual fee and no minimum balance required. The full amount of your deposit will be available on your K-Card account. Initial deposits must be $25 or more; subsequent deposits must be more than $5 if by check or cash, $25 if by credit card.
  2. Deposits to the K-Card account are processed through the Accounting Office prior to the beginning of each semester and should be available to the student in the week before classes begin. Deposits made during a semester will be available within two business days.
  3. The student's K-Card must be presented at the time of purchase and will be the only means to access the K-Card account.
  4. The K-Card can be used only for purchases. Returned items purchased on a K-Card account will be credited back to that account. The receipt must be presented to return any item for credit to the account. No cash refunds are made.
  5. The K-Card system will not allow charges unless there is an available balance. In the event that a purchase exceeds the available balance and creates a negative balance on the K-Card account; that negative balance will be charged to the student billing account.
  6. The K-Card account remains open until the end of enrollment, therefore, unused balances from one academic year will carry forward to the following year.
  7. This account is nontransferable. Additional ID may be required to ensure the student's identity. The student shall be required to sign a receipt for goods and services.
  8. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, (FERPA) no individual, other than the student, may have access or information on the account.
  9. Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by emailing shackle1@kenyon.edu. A fee will be charged for replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged cards.
  10. Students will be limited to a total of $100.00 per academic year, in transfers from their K-Card account to their student account to pay for student fees.

Deposit Methods

Deposits by check or cash are subject to a $5.00 minimum; credit card deposits (VISA, MasterCard) are subject to a $25.00 minimum. Deposits can be made in the following ways:

1. Included in on-campus first semester tuition billings is an optional charge for "Optional K-Card Deposit." Payment of this billed fee will allow the designated amount to be credited to your K-Card account. Remember that this charge is optional and may be cancelled by notification to the Accounting Office. (This optional fee is not charged with second semester tuition billing when the first semester charge is cancelled and no other transfers to K-Card have taken place through the Accounting Office.)

2. During normal business hours, the K-Card can be presented (in order to be swiped) to make deposits at the main Cashier desk at the Kenyon College Bookstore.

3. Deposits can also be made  online at www.officialpayments.com, by choosing the K-card Deposit option. Funds will be available for use within 24 hours.

Additional Important Information

  • A request for available balance can be made at any bookstore cashier station. Requests for activity statements, as well as questions on those statements, should be directed to the Bookstore Office Manager, Yvonne Farson, 740-427-5439.
  • Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) by emailing shackle1@kenyon.edu. The sooner a lost or stolen card is reported, the less liability there will be for unauthorized charges. The student is responsible for purchases made and charges to the account prior to notifying ODEI. If the loss is not reported within two (2) days, the potential liability for unauthorized charges may be limited only by the total dollar amount available in the account.
  • The K-Card should never be loaned or borrowed. The K-Card, including all its functions, is for the use of the owner of the card only and will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the owner.
  • A K-Card account remains active, even if the balance drops to zero. See "Deposit Methods" for direction on increasing the available balance.
  • Unused credit balances will be refunded after the July billing following graduation. In the event of withdrawal, a credit balance will be refunded after the withdrawal processing has been completed.
  • Protect the K-Card from damage or misuse, just as you would a bank debit or credit card. A card damaged by exposure to magnetic activity, warped by the sun, or made brittle by the cold will become unusable and will need to be replaced. Do not punch holes in the K-Card (not even to add it to your key chain.)
  • Replacement cards are issued at the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Allen House. Please contact shackle1@kenyon.edu to have a replacement card printed. A $20 fee for damaged, lost, or stolen cards will be charged to the student's billing account."

To reduce or cancel your K-Card deposit please print and return this form to the Student Accounts Office, Eaton Center, 209 Chase Avenue, Gambier, OH 43022.