Before the beginning of each semester, the Student Accounts Office will email invoices to all students. Any miscellaneous fees, deposits and fines incurred by the student will be billed monthly.

2024-25 Billing and Payment Dates

Fall Semester: Due August 15
The fall semester bill is sent electronically on July 16Designate who should receive a copy.

Spring Semester: Due December 15
The spring semester bill is sent electronically on November 18

Payment Options

Your invoice, which reflects fees and tuition for the semester, will need to be paid in full before you are officially registered for your classes. Several payment options are available.

You can pay your tuition and fees by cash, check, credit card, electronic check, bank wire, or international bank transfer, or with PayMyTuition's Payment Plan.

Optional Charges and Deadlines for Waiving

Student Health Insurance

All full-time students must be covered by a health insurance plan. If you are not covered under your family’s health plan, an individual health plan or Medicaid, you are required to participate in Kenyon’s Student Health Benefits Plan. This plan will be provided to you automatically, and the fee for the plan will appear on your invoice, unless you choose to waive coverage. The charge for fall 2024 is $1,911. To waive coverage, you will need to provide proof of comparable coverage. Waivers must be received by August 15, 2024.


Your invoice will include a K-Card deposit, which allows you to use your K-Card to make purchases at the Kenyon College Bookstore, campus laundry facilities, and several area businesses. You may waive this deposit if you do not wish to deposit funds into your K-Card. You can always deposit funds to your card at a later time.

Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition refund insurance protects you by providing a partial refund of tuition and fees in case you must withdraw from the College due to illness or accident. You will automatically be enrolled in the tuition refund insurance program, and the $270 per semester insurance premium will be added to your fall semester invoice, unless you waive coverage by August 29, 2024.

Financial Aid

Your invoice will reflect any financial aid you have received from the College as well as outside awards and loans. The Office of Financial Aid reports this information to the Students Accounts Office. If a loan or other type of expected financial aid is not reflected on your invoice, contact the Office of Financial Aid and verify that all necessary forms have been completed and submitted.

If outside awards will not be received by Kenyon by the invoice due date, please provide confirmation to the Office of Financial Aid that payment of the award will be made directly to Kenyon, along with the expected disbursement date and method of payment. Your account will not be assessed a late penalty if appropriate documentation is submitted. The Office of Financial Aid will assist you with any questions you have regarding the crediting of outside awards.

Your Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects your privacy. Kenyon cannot release any information to any other party concerning your tuition billing account or financial aid unless we have received consent from you authorizing the release of this information. For more information about your rights under FERPA, visit our FERPA FAQ.