Rush is an exciting time for Kenyon students. During Rush, the Brothers and Sisters of Kenyon's Fraternities and Sororities will be looking to meet as many students as possible who are interested in potentially joining a Greek organization. Since 1852, Rush Week and the recruitment of new members have had a rich tradition at Kenyon.

At Kenyon, Rush for first year students does not begin until the second semester. Prior to the beginning of Rush, Greek organizations will distribute rush schedules detailing the times and locations of events.

While Rush only lasts a few days, Greek Council encourages students to try to attend a variety of events in an effort to meet the brothers and sisters of as many organizations as possible. When Rush Week ends, any students interested in possibly joining a Greek organization must fill out an online interest form on a designated day in the Office of Student Engagement.

Bids to join Greek organizations will then be distributed. Students receiving a bid and interested in joining the respective organization must then complete a membership acceptance form, also in the Office of Student Engagement.

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