The Greek Council is the official representative body for the social fraternities, sororities, and societies recognized at Kenyon. The Council is composed of the six Executive Board officers and the delegates from the four fraternities, four sororities, and one society at Kenyon.

The functions of the Greek Council include:

  • To act as the legislative body in matters pertaining to Greek life;
  • To represent the opinions of the fraternities, sororities and societies in any matter affecting their common interests;
  • To promote within the fraternities, sororities and societies a sense of purpose consistent with the educational aims of Kenyon College;
  • To coordinate and organize social, educational, and other activities that involve or affect chapter members and new members as distinct from the student body as a whole;
  • To advocate for the shared interests and goals of the whole Greek community.

For more information on the functions, powers, and duties of Greek Council, please review the Greek Council Constitution.