Students in Greek life hone their leadership skills as they participate in governance and community-service activities. About 25 percent of Kenyon students become members of Greek associations.

At Kenyon fraternities, sororities and societies occupy "divisions" of residence halls at the southern end of campus, so they live in an integrated way among independent students. Social opportunities hosted by Greek organizations are open to the whole campus.

Greek Organizations

Greek life at Kenyon includes four active fraternities, four sororities and one coeducational service society.

Alpha Delta Phi of Kenyon College is a Greek organization dedicated to the betterment of its brothers as well as the community at large. The fraternity focuses on developing its members morally, socially, and intellectually as a means to better itself and the surrounding community. The fraternity traditionally seeks members from diverse backgrounds, interests, skills, and provides an enriching atmosphere where every brother develops an appreciation for the different experiences and viewpoints around him.

Representing a wide array of interests and backgrounds, this brotherhood is open to all men of the campus. It seeks to help brothers develop a sense of commitment, motivation, genuine affection for the fraternity, and make their place as a leader in the world. Members of the brotherhood can be found throughout the entire Kenyon community within the student council, various artistic and performance groups, and as leaders of student organizations.


Nickname: AD

Founded: 1832 at Hamilton College

Established at Kenyon: 1858

Colors: emerald green and white

Symbol: star & crescent

Member Dues: $450/semester

Philanthropy: AD Afterhours, Burrito Fundraiser for New Directions

Visit the AD's website.

The brothers of Beta Theta Pi take the idea of brotherhood seriously, becoming more diverse every year. Academics combined with extracurricular activities enhance the Kenyon experience. To build lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood the Beta ritual calls for: Mutual Assistance, Intellectual Growth, Trust, Responsible Conduct, and Integrity. The brothers of Beta Theta Pi are committed to a high standard of excellence in all aspects of life, including academics, community service and friendship.

Nickname: Beta

Founded: 1839 at Miami University (OH)

Established at Kenyon: 1879

Colors: Delicate shades of pink and blue

Symbol: red dragon

Member Dues: $350/semester

Philanthropy: Salvation Army

Traditional Events: Halloween Fundraiser, Winter Formal

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As Kenyon's oldest fraternity, our goal is the cultivation of general literature and social culture, advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence, the promotion of honorable friendship and useful citizenship, a spirit of tolerance and respect for the rights and views of others, the maintenance of dignity, self respect, and morality in all circumstances and the union of stout hearts and kindred interest to secure to merit its due reward. The Lambda chapter stays involved in the Kenyon community by organizing a series of charitable events, hosting social functions, and serving in leadership roles across campus life. We can be found across campus participating in varsity and club athletics, members of student government and a variety of other student organizations. We take great pride in our presence across campus life and support our brothers in all of their campus-wide efforts.

Nickname: DKE 

Founded: 1844 at Yale University 

Established at Kenyon: 1852 

Colors: Crimson, azure, and gold 

Symbol: Rampant lion 

Member Dues: $300/semester 

Philanthropy: Shawn Kelly Holiday Party for Knox County Headstart, Knox County Headstart donation drive 

Traditional Events: Alumni Reunion Weekend, Champagne Formal, Dad's Weekend,     

Since its 1858 founding at Bethany College, Delta Tau Delta chapters have spread across the U.S. and Canada. Kenyon's chapter, established in 1881, was one of the first Delt chapters in the nation. Members excel at community service, academic and athletic excellence, and leadership while maintaining a strong and social brotherhood. Each brother of Delta Tau Delta not only strives to bring out the best in his character, but also excels academically and socially. We achieve this ideal by basing our actions on our founder's four fundamentals: Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power. Distinguished Kenyon alumni include Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury John Snow and T. Rowe Price Global Investments CEO Todd Ruppert. The organization remains committed to lives of excellence, and is involved in numerous areas of campus life including varsity athletics, musical groups, and student government.

Nickname: Delt

Founded: 1858 at Bethany College

Established at Kenyon: 1881

Colors: Purple, white and gold

Member Dues: $520/ semester

Philanthropy: American Red Cross campus blood drives, Relay For Life, annual JDRF lock in to end diabetes


Visit the Delt's website.

Delta Phi (D Phis)

Phi Kappa Sigma (Phi Kapps)

Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Taus)

Psi Upsilon (Psi U)

Our mission is to bring women and nonbinary students into an inclusive, inspiring, safe and joyful space to grow as siblings and individuals. We foster intellectual, cultural, ethical and social development, and instill a commitment to leadership. We create an environment of shared understanding and respect, which leads to lifelong relationships that transcend the collegiate experience. Above all else, we value intellect, the pursuit of excellence, graciousness, respect and the building and maintaining of lasting connections within the siblinghood and the Kenyon community.

Nickname: AST

Founded at Kenyon: 2014

Colors: Emerald green and gold

Symbol: Anchor, yellow rose and white pearl

Member Dues: $220.00/semester

Philanthropy: Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, Pine Mountain Settlement School

Traditional Events: Fall and spring formals, dessert & discussions

The sorority is based on the Greek philosophy of eudaimonia — the idea that a good life is based on friendship, happiness, knowledge and virtue. Through these four ideas, we strive to enrich ourselves, our sisters, and the community as a whole. Our sisterhood places a strong emphasis on the ideals of a service-oriented community through volunteer work and philanthropy. We welcome women of different backgrounds, experiences and beliefs.

Nickname: EDM

Founded at Kenyon: 2000

Colors: Cranberry, silver and white

Symbol: Daisy

Member Dues: $165/semester (payment/scholarship plans available)

Philanthropy: Dogs of Knox County, Habitat for Humanity, Wiggin St. Elementary, Knox Community Hospital

Traditional Events: Wild Wild West, Peach/Apple Picking, Halloween & Spring Dog Parade, Fall & Spring Formals, Sister Retreat, Alumnae Weekends

Visit the EDM's website.

Theta Delta Phi fosters growth of its members by upholding the ideals of academic excellence, community involvement, visionary leadership, and social responsibility. Our core values, unity, honor, wisdom, courage and sincerity are embraced and exemplified by our members. As the oldest sorority at Kenyon, Theta is committed to building upon the tradition of our past as we continue to grow. There is no stereotypical Theta — each sister is incredibly different, but we are all connected by the fact that we love to be together and have a good time.

Nickname: Theta

Founded at Kenyon: 1987

Colors: Purple, black and gold

Symbol: Snake

Member Dues: $140/semester (payment/scholarship available)

Philanthropy: Shawn Kelly Holiday Party, Headstart Wiggin St. Elementary,

Traditional Events: Fall and Spring Formals, Apple Picking, Theta Thrift, Turkey Trot, Alumnae Reunions

Through a core foundation of sisterhood, Zeta Alpha Pi advocates the cultivation of the intellect and leadership; the fostering of positive relationships, individual and societal, through service to the College and the community; the embodiment of Kenyon College's values and beliefs, such as academic excellence; and the formation of interminable bonds that enrich the college and post-college experience and will be carried throughout our lifetimes.

Nickname: Zeta

Founded at Kenyon: 2001

Colors: Navy, blue and white

Symbol: Tulip, rabbit and opal

Member Dues: $150/semester

Philanthropy: Raise funds and awareness for Stop the Clot!, an organization dedicated to research of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Traditional Events: Highlighter Party, Sorority Dinner at the end of each semester

The Archon Society is a co-educational, inclusive service and social fraternity. Our mission is to unite Kenyon students with the residents of Knox County through excellence in service and community outreach programs. The members of the Archon Society strive to organize a variety of service and events while creating a sense of community within the organization, the College and Knox County.

Nickname: Archons

Established at Kenyon: 1947

Colors: Maroon and gold

Symbol: Shining Star of Truth

Member Dues: $45/semester

Philanthropy: Members are expected to complete 18 hours of community service per semester, and do so by participating in numerous events throughout the semester.

Traditional Events: Fall and Spring Formal