Kenyon recognizes the value of physical postings but also encourages practices that minimize paper usage and waste. All postings and chalkings on Kenyon’s campus must comply with Kenyon’s event promotion guidelines.

Posting Restrictions

  • Postings may not inhibit the safety and access to a building (e.g., posters on exit or access doors, access buttons or door handles). Starting in fall 2024, postings will be restricted to designated posting locations and limited to one per location. Locations for bulletin boards will reflect input from students, departments and space managers. 

  • Unless approved by the Office of Communications, Office of Campus Events or the Office of Student Engagement, postings should fit within the standard printing options for Kenyon students, 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17”.

  • The sale of personal articles (e.g., books, couches) may be posted only on the Gund Commons and Peirce Hall community bulletin boards. 

  • Postings may not refer to an amount or type of alcohol or other intoxicants available at an event, nor may it be the dominant feature of the posting. 

  • Academic departments or administrative offices may set different expectations for their internal posting locations. These expectations must be posted. 

Duration of Postings

  • Event organizers are expected to remove postings within 24 hours of an event. 

  • Postings that are not event-specific (e.g., listings of Community Advisors or campus mediators) may remain for a semester or academic year, as applicable. 


  • Promotional chalking is limited to registered student organizations, academic departments and administrative offices and must be for a campus-wide event.

  • Chalking is permitted only in open areas that can be directly washed by rain. The chalking must be on a horizontal surface not covered by an overhang. 

  • Chalking is prohibited on all vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, benches, picnic tables, signs, poles, newsstands, columns, bus stops, mailboxes, light poles, trees or vegetation. 

  • The material used to mark the walk must be water-soluble chalk (sidewalk chalk). The use of markers, paints, oil-based products or sprayable chalk is prohibited. 

  • Chalking must bear the name of or be signed by the name of the sponsoring organization.

  • To discuss plans for events that include chalking or to register them in advance, student organizations may email


  • Any posting or chalking that does not comply with the College’s event promotion, posting or chalking guidelines will be removed. 

  • Kenyon reserves the right to charge for the cost of removal and any associated repairs. A minimum charge for any cleaning will be $100 for each separate location.

  • Non-compliant organizations, departments or offices are subject to loss of privileges and/or sanction.