Once you have scheduled your event at Kenyon, you can advertise it using a variety of tools including:

Additionally, the Office of Communications and other offices may choose to promote select events through College newsletters, digital signs and social media channels.

Event Promotion Guidelines

All event advertising on the Kenyon College campus must adhere to the following guidelines.

Who May Promote Events

  • Kenyon faculty, staff and students may promote events organized by Kenyon academic departments, administrative offices, registered student organizations, departmental student groups, or other groups recognized by the College.

  • Kenyon academic departments, administrative offices and registered student organizations may sponsor events organized by external nonprofits (e.g. Knox County Symphony, Knox Public Health, United Way). Promotions must include the name of the sponsoring department, office or organization. Student organizations must first obtain the approval of the Office of Student Engagement. 

  • Unaffiliated commercial or non-profit enterprises are not permitted to advertise on campus. 

Additional restrictions apply to political campaign activities.

Expectations for Promotional Materials

  • All promotions must include the name and contact information of the sponsoring Kenyon department, office or organization, along with the time, location and short description of the event.

  • Event locations must be reserved and confirmed in advance of promoting an event.

  • Promotions must comply with Kenyon’s Civil Rights Policy along with any applicable copyright laws.

  • Promotions should include information about how to request a disability accommodation, such as “If accommodations are needed to participate fully in this event, please contact [name] at [phone number and email address].” Learn more about accessible and inclusive events and meetings

  • Sponsoring departments, offices or organizations are responsible for all messaging in their promotional materials.