Kenyon utilizes an events management system to make the process of space requests and reservations easier and more efficient. The system streamlines the reservation process, improves safety/emergency preparedness and informs future building/space planning. The Office of Campus Events is responsible for this policy and has oversight of space programming in the best interest of the college and campus community.  

Campus Spaces Defined

All public and private spaces will be managed through the Kenyon Reservations system.

  • Public spaces: Public spaces are bookable spaces through the Kenyon Reservations website. Requests for these spaces are routinely approved unless there are special circumstances.
  • Private spaces: Private spaces are non-bookable through the Kenyon Reservations website. These spaces are normally used by a specific department or a specific function and outside requests are seldom approved.

Clients Defined

Events may be sponsored/requested by both internal and external clients.

  • Internal clients: Internal clients include employees requesting space for college business. Employees requesting space for non-college business are considered external clients. Space requests are initiated through Kenyon Reservations.
  • External clients: External clients are (a) anyone not affiliated with the College or (b) a college employee, parent or alumnus requesting college space for personal events. External clients may initiate a reservation by contacting the Office of Campus Events. These events are subject to additional requirements, as detailed on the summer programs and external clients web page.
  • Students: As a student of the College, you may reserve space for an organization of which you are a member, or for a student event/meeting sponsored by a faculty or staff member. Individual students may not request space.


  1. All space requests must be submitted through the Kenyon Reservations system.
  2. No requests will be confirmed or denied until academic classes are loaded into the system two times per year, typically in early August and early January.
  3. All reservations must be titled to clearly state the intended purpose of the event; misrepresentation may result in the cancellation of the event.
  4. Some events require set-up and tear-down time. If your event requires this extra time, please contact the Office of Campus Events so it can be added to your reservation.
  5. There are multiple event request forms available in Kenyon Reservations.

    a. Athletic Facility - Space Request: 
    Please use this form to request a space in the Lowry Center or the outdoor athletic fields.

    b. Faculty/Staff - Space Request (no services): 
    please use this form if your request is for a meeting or event that does not require services.

    c. Faculty/Staff - Space Request (with services):
     please use this form if your event may require services such as extra tables, room reconfigurations, audio-visual support, or catering. Please see additional information about services below.

    d. Students - Space Request:
     Please use this form if your request is for a student organization of which you are a member in good standing or for student events/meetings sponsored by a faculty or staff member. Students reserving space must acknowledge the following terms (PDF).

    Clients are urged to use the correct form when initiating a reservation as the option for “services” may only be requested with the initial reservation. After the initial submission, requests for services can only be added by a staff member from the Office of Campus Events.
  6. All reservations must follow booking requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, building hours, room-use restrictions, maximum room capacities, and fire codes, etc.
  7. Space availability does not guarantee that an event or function may be held (for example, if it conflicts with an academic class or special Kenyon event).
  8. Clients should refer to and follow the “Plan Your Event” guidance available from the Office of Campus Events.


Many events and reservations require special room setups and/or other services such as audio-visual equipment or catering. These on-campus services should be requested when the space request is initiated in Kenyon Reservations. Service providers will automatically be notified of your requests and will accept or deny the event based on capacity to fulfill the requested service(s). Please note the following:

  • To ensure that service providers have adequate time to process the request, A/V and maintenance services require a minimum of three (3) business days notice; catering services require a minimum of five (5) business days advance notice.
  • Internal clients may choose to bring in outside vendors for catering across campus, including Peirce Lounge and Peirce Pub, however the college’s food service provider has exclusive catering rights in all other areas of Peirce Hall. When requesting the Fischman Lobby located in the Gund Gallery, please contact the Gund Gallery administrative assistant, as additional information will be needed.
  • Internal clients are prohibited from utilizing outside vendors for maintenance, technical, or security services without prior approval from the Office of Campus Events.
  • External clients are prohibited from utilizing outside vendors for maintenance, technical or security support unless those services are defined in their contract.
  • All service pricing will be uniform and available for invoicing through Kenyon Reservations.

Philosophy and Guidance

The Office of Campus Events utilizes the following philosophy and guidelines when reviewing requests.

In most cases, space reservation requests will be approved according to the following priority:

  1. Academic classes and related activities (labs, special class sessions, etc.)
  2. Campus ceremonies and presidentially-sponsored events
  3. Major campus events (reunion, new student orientation, etc.)
  4. On-campus programming (speakers, departmental events, student events, etc.)
  5. External events and programming (weddings, private parties, community organizations, etc.)

Any reservation request may be denied. Some criteria for this decision may include being potentially harmful to the public image of Kenyon College, being potentially harmful to members of the Kenyon community or campus facilities, not adhering to college policies, conflicting with other previously arranged or higher-priority events, and/or being misrepresented in the reservation request.

For external clients, Kenyon College reserves the right to:

  • Require clients to sign a contract with the College;
  • Require a certificate of insurance prior to the date of the event;
  • Charge fees according to the campus space(s) and service(s) requested. A fee schedule is available by contacting the Office of Campus Events at 740-427-5139.
  • Limit building and campus access to spaces and users specified in the reservation/contract; and/or
    Postpone or change the location of an event in accordance with the terms of the contract.

For assistance with your space reservation, please contact the Office of Campus Events at 740-427-5139 or visit the office in the Eaton Center, North Side, 2nd floor.

Updated: Jan. 1, 2019