Summer Programs oversees all events (i.e. weddings, conferences, and retreats) conducted at Kenyon annually from June - August. Our mission is to provide high-quality services in event management, scheduling, and to provide a general information center to the College’s clients.

Summer Programs actively promotes the use of College venues to outside groups and organizations, providing high quality conferencing services, utilizing Kenyon’s facilities and service departments efficiently and to the greatest extent possible.

Conferences, Camps and other Non-College Events

Kenyon offers excellent facilities, outstanding services, and an attractive location for conferences, camps and non-College events. 

Facilities are available for rental on a limited basis by individuals or outside organizations when students are in residence. The majority of use by outside organizations takes place in the summer, fall and spring break periods.

Please note that the name "Kenyon College" may not be used in association with a non-College function without prior consent from the director of summer programs.