The following types of programing are allowed in these spaces:

  •  Academic classes and supplements
  • Film screenings
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Meetings
  • Panel discussions
  • Readings
  • Instrumental or vocal recitals
  • Town halls

Due to the delicate nature of the video wall in the Oden Auditorium and the screen in the Community Foundation Theater, these facilities are not suited for events with significant amounts of movement.

The following types of programing are typically restricted in these spaces in order to mitigate danger to the A/V equipment in the auditoriums:

  • Multi-person concerts (including acapella groups)
  • Dance concerts and recitals
  • Improv performances
  • Plays and musicals
  • Shadow casts
  • Rehearsals for any of the above

Please contact the Office of Campus Events ( for further clarification, exceptions or to inquire about event types not listed above.

Food and beverages are allowed in the lobbies of both facilities, but only water is allowed in the auditoriums. Please reserve the lobby, along with the auditorium, in order to avoid competing noise and traffic. After receiving the confirmation email for an Oden Auditorium reservation, please submit an Oden Auditorium Access Request Form at least 48 hours before the start time of your reservation to ensure that the room will be unlocked.

The audiovisual equipment in the Oden Auditorium is state-of-the-art and requires a trained A/V technician to be on-site. The Office of Campus Events strongly recommends consulting with Tim Neviska ( as part of the planning for events in the space.