Kenyon has a dedicated, campus-wide email distribution list for event promotion: Emails sent to events-digest@kenyon are moderated by the Offices of Communications, Student Engagement and Campus Events and delivered to employees and students in a daily abridged summary (view sample) between 4 and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Having an email distribution list especially for events makes it easier for members of the Kenyon community to differentiate emails about events from other important College announcements, while also giving them more flexibility in how they manage their inboxes.

Read more about Kenyon’s process for promoting campus events through email and other means, introduced in spring 2024. 

Guidelines for Event Emails

  • Events promoted via events-digest must comply with Kenyon’s event promotion guidelines

  • An event may be promoted twice. The sender must include the words “first notice” or “second notice” at the bottom of the email. The first and second notice may be submitted by two different individuals, but departments, offices and organizations should communicate among themselves to avoid confusion. Multiple submissions will be rejected.

  • Emails received after 3 p.m. will be moderated the next business day. Emails sent after 3 p.m. on Friday will appear in Monday’s daily abridged summary.

  • Moderators will verify that an event announcement complies with the guidelines but will not edit or otherwise alter the content of the email.

Employee-info, student-info and faculty-info

Event-related emails will not be accepted for the employee-info, student-info and faculty-info distribution lists, which are reserved for other College business and announcements.


The events-digest distribution list, introduced in spring 2024 as a pilot program, will be evaluated and refined for the 2024-2025 academic year. Employees and students are encouraged to share comments, questions or concerns through this feedback form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Event Emails

A moderator might reject an email sent to events-digest for the following reasons:

• The email did not include the words “first notice” or “second notice” at the bottom of the email. The moderator relies on this information to help ensure the event has not been promoted more than twice. 

• Someone else in your club, office or co-sponsoring group might have already sent an email about the same event. An event may be promoted through events-digest only two times in total. The first and second notice may be submitted by two different individuals, but members of departments, offices and organizations must communicate among themselves to avoid sending more than two announcements. Communication is especially important between groups co-sponsoring an event.

• Your email did not promote an actual event. Remember, events-digest is reserved to announce events only, not to distribute other information, announcements, publications or opinion pieces.

If you sent your message after 3 p.m., the moderator might not have had a chance to review it before Google released the daily abridged summary to employees and students. Your email will probably appear in the next day’s abridged summary. If you sent your email before 3 p.m. and did not receive a rejection notice, please alert the moderators through the feedback form so they can check on the status of your email.


Event promoters should note in their email announcement if the event is limited to a specific audience. A goal for the pilot program is to determine if a single events digest can simplify the event promotion process for senders and moderators. 


No. Those lists are reserved for College business and announcements not related to events. Moderators for employee-info, student-info and faculty-info will not accept event-related emails. 


Rare exceptions will be made for unexpected, time-sensitive announcements. For example: An event previously advertised through events-digest is canceled or moved at the last minute due to weather or other extenuating circumstances. If this information must be shared before the next abridged summary, event organizers may send the update to employee-info, student-info or faculty-info.


It is not recommended. Allemp and allstu are opt-in lists that do not include all employees and students. Most of the community do not see announcements sent to those lists. Events-digest, on the other hand, includes all employees and current students. 


In any given week there can be scores of events on the Kenyon campus, reflecting the diverse interests of our community. Our goal is to ensure that Kenyon organizations, departments and offices have equal opportunity to advertise those events and that community members have clear, dependable channels to learn about them without being overwhelmed by their inbox. Consider adding your event to Kenyon's events calendar.