The Student Accounts Office maintains all records related to student tuition, fees and miscellaneous charges and credits. We are happy to assist you with questions related to billing invoices and payments. Please call us or email us at

Spring 2021 semester billing statements will be emailed Dec. 15, with a due date of Jan. 15, 2021. Download the 2020-21 Fees and Charges Fact Sheet.

As you prepare for the 2020-21 academic year, please note these additional plans and programs that may affect the payment of tuition and fees.

Every student will be charged for Optional Tuition Refund Insurance offered by A.W.G. Dewar in the fall semester billing of the 2020-21 academic year unless they opt out. The rate for 2020-21 will be $197 per semester for students in residence and $159 per semester for students studying remotely. This elective insurance plan significantly extends or enhances the College's refund policy and provides coverage for billed tuition, room, board and student activities fees. Subject to policy conditions, the policy assures at least a 75 percent return in term fees, less any refund or credit due from the College, in the event of withdrawal due to illness or accident. For the purposes of this plan, room-rate coverage will be set at the standard $2,710 rate for 2020-21. 

All students will be automatically enrolled in this tuition insurance program unless they complete the online waiver to opt out by August 31, 2020. A waiver is only required one time for the academic year; therefore if you waive the fall semester coverage, you will not be billed the spring premium and will not be enrolled in the plan for the spring semester. The spring insurance premium will be billed on the spring semester tuition and fees billing invoice.

In response to requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Kenyon offers a comprehensive student health insurance program for the 2020-21 academic year; more information can be found here. The policy period runs from Aug. 15, 2020, through Aug. 14, 2021, and the annual cost for 2020–21 is $2,800. All students will be billed for the entire annual cost on the fall semester tuition and fees billing invoice unless they waive coverage by Aug. 31, 2020. To waive or enroll, create an account with Wellfleet, our student health insurance provider, and follow the site’s instructions.

For international students: Kenyon has partnered with Flywire to offer a streamlined way to make a payment from your home country. Flywire offers excellent exchange rates and saves you money on traditional bank fees. For more information or to make an international payment, visit

Do you prefer to pay tuition and fees in monthly installments? Kenyon College offers a four-month tuition payment plan administered through Cashnet for each semester of the 2020–21 academic year; more information is available here. The cost of the plan is $35 per semester. Enrollment for the fall semester plan opens July 22, 2020, with the first payment for the fall four-month plan due Aug. 1 (or upon enrollment) and the final payment due Nov. 1, 2020. Enrollment for the spring four-month plan  opens Nov. 15, 2020, with the first payment due Dec. 1, 2020, and the final payment due March 1, 2021.

K-Card deposits can still be included with your semester tuition and fees payments that are paid online or received in the Student Accounts Office. These funds will be transferred to the student’s K-Card account, once the account has been paid in full, prior to the beginning of classes each semester.

You can make additional deposits to your student’s K-Card account online at using the K-Card Deposit option. Funds will be automatically posted to the student’s K-Card account the next day. While e-check payment is accepted at no cost, debit and credit card transactions will be charged a 2.65 percent convenience fee.

Please note that the Kenyon College Bookstore does not accept credit card payments over the phone; you will be directed to their official payment website.

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