Kenyon College currently processes each student payroll using Web Time Entry. All hours worked by each student must be recorded electronically through individual's personal access pages.

Student Timesheet Instructions 

On-campus access to Employee Self Service:
Off-campus access to Employee Self Service:

  1. Enter your DUO login. If you have any trouble with this login, please contact the Helpline at #5700.
  2. At the Main Menu click on the "Employee" menu.
  3. Click on "Time Sheet."
  4. In the "Time Sheet Selection" screen, click on the position you want to enter time for under the My Choice heading, making sure that the Pay Period is the current one for entering time.
  5. At the time sheet, you can enter time by day by clicking on "Enter Hours" for the relevant day. Please do not to change the "SHIFT" number that appears in the box above the "HOURS" box. This must be left as the number one (1).
  6. Click the "SAVE" button after entering each amount for the day or pay period. Please do not click on the "Submit for Approval" until the end of the pay period.

You will receive a message that your timesheet was submitted successfully. You are now finished with this timesheet. If you have other timesheets for other jobs, you need to submit them separately.

If you failed to submit your time sheet before the cut-off date: Please contact your supervisor as soon as possible. Inform them that you missed submitting your time sheet before the cut-off date and ask them kindly to submit it for you since you have been locked out of the system at this time.