Banner online systems is used by hourly employees for time-keeping purposes. Hours worked and paid time off are communicated to the Payroll Department through a module in the Banner Self-Serve System called Banner Web Time Entry. This will support the College’s sustainability initiative by reducing the amount of paper used while also improving the accuracy and speed of preparing your payroll.

How to Use Banner Web Time Entry

Non-exempt staff will enter hours worked, along with paid time off such as vacation, sick, personal, holiday, etc. through the Banner Web Time Entry system. The system will total the hours that have been entered. You must also enter any overtime you have worked (overtime results when you work more than 40 hours in a seven day work week which runs from Monday through the following Sunday) separately in the proper overtime earnings category provided on the time sheet. When you use paid time off (vacation, sick, personal, etc.) you still need to record these hours so the system can calculate the total number of hours to pay, but you don’t need to record a lunch break – just make sure that the total hours for the day equal your normally scheduled hours for that day (7 hours for most employees). You may record a partial day off/worked.

When your time card is complete for the pay period use the “Submit for Approval” function in Web Time Entry. Only use this function when your time card is complete for the pay period and ready for review.

Time Sheet Entry and Approval

All employees are responsible for entering their time accurately and on time into web time entry each pay period. The time sheets need to be submitted biweekly according to the biweekly pay schedule in order for the supervisor to approve the time card by the due date established by the payroll office. Please see the Supervisor Instructional Document.

It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that each of their employees has submitted a time sheet; to confirm that all time is entered correctly; and to ensure that the time sheet is approved by the due dates established by the payroll office.

If the employee does not enter their hours by the due date OR if the supervisor does not approve the hours submitted by the due date, it will create a delay in payroll processing and possibly in payment to the employee. Please pay attention to the bi-weekly due dates for submission of your hours.

If you miss the due date for entering and submitting your time in web time entry, please contact Amanda Moran in the Payroll Office immediately.  If Payroll is notified during the current processing window your hours will be added to the current pay. If Payroll is notified after the processing has been completed it will be added to the next payroll event.

Time Sheet Proxies

All time sheet supervisors need to designate at least one proxy to approve their employees in the event they are absent or unable to approve the time sheet by the scheduled due date and time. This is done on the supervisors personal access page via the link "Proxy Set Up."

Instructional Documentation

Please click on here for the Staff Instructional Document. This document provides step by step instructions for your web time entry process. This process will get much easier over time! Kenyon students have been using this method of time entry for several years.

Problems or Troubleshooting

In the event a problem arises when accessing the system or your time sheet, contact Amanda Moran at 740-427-5144 or or Mary Spence at 740-427-5773 or for assistance.

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