It is mandatory for all new employees to participate in direct deposit and must complete a direct deposit form. The form will be included in your new hire paperwork.

Current employees may contact the payroll manager via email for a copy of the form to update account information. 

This form includes an authorization agreement for automatic deposit of your payroll. It is recommended to include a voided check with the completed authorization form.

Direct deposit ensures a secure, convenient, and timely deposit to your account without having to personally pick up your paycheck and travel to your bank. The College also increases efficiency by reducing check handling and outstanding checks.

You may electronically access your direct deposit allocation on payday via your Personal Access Page. This secure page provides a way to view and print your pay notifications not only for the current pay period but for each payroll period during the previous 12 months. It is similar to a paycheck stub. See the Personal Access Page tab to view directions on printing a pay stub.